Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This day has been a literal pain in the butt!

That's what happens when I run for the first time in two months and DON'T STRETCH!

Today has literally been a pain in my ass because my butt is seven kinds of sore today!

Pallin's best-friend's-sister's-boyfriend's-cousin's nieghbor's dog Gulty of Selling counterfeit Catnip...

News at 11!

Okay, the election has been over for nearly two months... Obama is putting his leadership team in place... The "Cool" hipsters are walking with a bit more swagger in their steps... life goes on.

So why in the HELL is the Argus Leader running stories about former VP Candidate Sarah Pallin's daughter's boyfriend's mother getting busted for drugs?

I can only think of one of two reasons....

1) Last digs on the Republicans, which is kinda childish and stupid, to be honest.

2) Too lazy to post anything of real substence in the margin.

This is a big honking clunker of a story... frankly, who cares? And to be honest... there are more important things we need to worry about:

1) Why didn't Heidi and Spencer from "The Hills" get married in the courtroom?

2) What is up with Adrian Peterson fumbling the football so many times against the Falcons?

3) Does this shirt match with these pants?

4) What is more appropriate to bring to a Christmas potluck, pie or cookies?

5) Why must I always spill ketchup on my white t-shirts?

6) Oprah??? or Uma???

7) Will my aunt make more of Grandma Driscoll's coconut bon-bons for Christmas Eve?

8) Why do I put an even number of socks in the washer and come out with an odd number EVERY FREAKING TIME?!?!

9) Did I leave the stove on?

10) Can I stop feeling dirty because I rooted for the Packers last night? After all, it was so the Vikings could make the playoffs!

ALL THESE THINGS COMBINED have more relevance than what Sarah Palin's daughter's boyfriend's pot-smoking mamma does! And for those who think for some reason it's still important, I have one piece of advice for you...


Happy Festivus, all you rest-of-us!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


For those of you who don't believe there is anymore beauty in the world... I dare you to watch this and NOT be moved!

Couldn't do it, huh? Didn't think so! LOL

Sunday, December 07, 2008


"It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived."
--General George S. Patton

Today is December 7th, 2008... 67 years to the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor, which was the final catalyst for the United States' entry into World War II. The vast number of Allied soldiers who gave their lives in the years following stand as a testament of sacrifice... to put your life on the line so that others may live in freedom.

You'd think everyone would be grateful for these brave men and women... and you'd be wrong.

All you have to do is talk to soldiers who were spat upon when they returned from Vietnam... or who were called "butchers" and "baby-killers." All you have to do today is read the "intelligent" musings of folks like Ted Rall and Stephen King, who think that our soldiers are somehow beneath contempt.

No matter your thoughts on what is going on in the world today, please remember it is not the soldier's responsibility to dictate foreign policy. His or her job is to merely carry it out. If you have an issue with the foreign policy, take it up with the lawmakers. Don't be cowardly and insult and demean the very men and women who are making sure you sleep in your beds tonight safe and sound.

I don't agree with a lot of what President Bush has said or done in the past. But that doesn't give me the right to act like an ass and harass these brave men and women who are putting their lives on the line for a putz like me. And anyone who thinks otherwise are bigger putzes than me!

Finally, I'd like to direct you to the story of Captain Rob Yllescas. Captain Yllescas was seriously injured while serving in Iraq. Despite a valiant struggle, Captain Yllescas passed away December 2nd. My friend and former KJAM Board Op Vince Mathis was selected as part of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln ROTC honor guard which escorted Captain Yllescas' body from the plane to his family. Needless to say, it moved that goofy kid, and it moved this goofier kid, too!

But it's not the intelligentsia or the academics who keep us free. It's not the auto executives and the banking big-wigs that keep us safe from our enemies. It's not even me and my media brethern who make sure these blessings of liberty remain secure... it's ordinary men and women like Captain Yllescas, Cadet Mathis, and the soldiers that served in World War II, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, and countless other military engagements that have always been willing to put their lives on the line when others would not.

In closing, I leave you with this thought...

Law and our civil rights, for all our too precious moral insecurities, are worth little without someone willing to secure them at the risk of losing life and limb. We decide, in the end, where the frontiers of liberty and security intersect and that decision cannot ever be cost free. In a borderless world those frontiers are becoming increasingly harder to detect and defend. And yet defend them we must if we are to preserve our way of life: this experiment called America. The cost we pay for daring to be free is our own lifeblood: that of our own sons, daughters, husbands, wives. It is a price that will always be too high. And it is a price that we will never get used to paying: one we should never get used to paying.

I am humbled by these real heroes... Thank you, one and all.

Friday, November 21, 2008


So I'm doing some number-crunching...

Amount spend on 7 months membership at the Madison Community Center, $140

Amount of weight lost... 100 pounds.


$1.40 a pound... Oh my God... I'M CHEAPER THAN HAMBURGER!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gotta love the Playoffs.

Okay, not sure if this will work... but this is a little highlights reel from our coverage of Madison High School, Area high school, and Dakota State University football on KJAM.

To listen... just click on the title of this posting. It'll re-direct you to my box.net site. Then just hit "Play."


Monday, November 17, 2008

Welcome, Recruit Wollman!

I guess my little sphere of influence is getting larger all the time with my Jackrabbit's Den!

My friend Matthew Wollman is a senior at Madison High School. Pretty neat young man. He does stats for both the volleyball and girls' basketball teams for MHS, so we get a chance to shoot the bull quite a bit during the bus rides to and from games. His dad joked that he meets a lot of girls this way...

So THAT'S what I was doing wrong in high school! Forget football and wrestling, I should have had a clipboard! LOL

In any case, Matt is going to United States Marine Corps Basic Training following graduation, and he will be known as Recruit and (hopefully!) Private Wollman.

Frankly, the Marine Corps is lucky to have such a good kid in their ranks.

Matt has decided to blog about his progress as a recruit in the Delayed Entry Program. So feel free to visit and offer him encouragement.

So... Matt.. Congratulations and Semper Fi! NOW POST SOMETHING! LOL

No Auto Industry Bailout!!!

I don't always agree with what Detroit L3wis says on his South DaCola blog... he can be a little too snarky for my tastes...

But this is something he and I can both agree on...

You did this to yourself. Over thirty years ago you were told to start improving fuel effiency in your vehicles and to develop new technology like electric cars. The Japanese did just that and now are thriving. Detroit decided to build bigger cars like HUMMERs and send their electric cars to the compactor. You have had plenty of time to adjust to the market - you chose not to, now you are going in the toilet. Big Surprise.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Incredible Shrinking Announcer!

So I was looking at some old photos of myself and looking at how much I changed... these are in relative chronological order.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away!

Freezing rain expected throughout the day today. In fact, several schools have canceled classes or will start late.

For our area, here's the link for the latest school closings and postponements...

If you're brave (or stupid) enough to travel in this weather, here's a good site for the latest South Dakota Road Conditions.

In the meantime, if you don't have to go anywhere, grab a cup of coffee, crank up the computer and relax today!

Monday, November 10, 2008

I did it.

I stepped on the scale tonight at the Community Center.

I now weigh exactly 180 pounds.

I did it.


Sunday, November 09, 2008


So it's been about two weeks, and I haven't made contact with the ex-siggy. Nor has she tried to make contact with me.

Que Sera, Sera.

While I'm disappointed that the relationship didn't work out, I wasn't crushed by its failure either. It seemed as though the last couple of weeks, she was keeping me at arm's distance. Always on the computer, some nights saying less than 20 words to me. So when she split with me, it didn't really come as any big surprise.

On the rare moments that I haven't been preoccupied with sports and work, I've done a little soul-searching on why I wasn't more broken-up. Perhaps it was we weren't together that long. Perhaps I was expecting her to disappear like she did three years ago. Perhaps my experience with Nicci left me a bit more calloused than I had anticipated. Or perhaps it's as my mom said... I was in love more with the idea of being in a relationship than the person.

I think it's a combination of all of the above.

In any case, it seems as though she has a new person in her life... Good for her. If she's looking to make me jealous, she isn't. I wish her the best of luck.

In the meantime, I'm business as usual. I've been re-connecting with old friends, working out (as usual!), and generally enjoying my life.

But I learned a lesson... getting into a relationship just to be in one is never a good thing. It's not worth the added stress! LOL

Thursday, November 06, 2008

I'm Moving!

Okay... before you all get into a panic, especially Cory, let me explain....

First of all, I am NOT LEAVING Madison, nor am I leaving KJAM. Heck, I'm not even leaving my apartment building!

But I AM moving into a smaller apartment that will be opening up next month. It'll save me about 75-dollars a month in rent, and hopefully some more on the utilities.

It's all part of my grand plan to save myself some money and tighten up my finances. And no, it's not the economy; I've been doing this well before the economy hit the toilet.

So, I'll be doing some major house-cleaning and packing during my "Stay-Cation" in a couple of weeks. So to make room, I have a very nice futon that I never use for sale. The first $75 bucks takes it! E-mail me at jackrabit1@gmail.com or call me on my phone if you're interested.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A sad day....

I was going to do my first post-election day posting about my thoughts on the day and the races... but I just got hit with a stunner.

One of my favorite authors, Michael Crichton, has died at the age of 66.

I've read several of his books, including "The Andromeda Strain", "State of Fear", "The Terminal Man", "Airframe" and "Disclosure". Several of his books became best-selling movies, out-Grishaming John Grisham himself.

What I appreciated about Crichton, is he took what could have been very dry, mundane material and made it fascinating. Read through "Andromeda Strain" and you'll see what I mean. He takes the scientific method, which we all learned about ad nauseum in high school science, and makes it relevant and exciting when it comes to dealing with a deadly virus from outer space.

And of course, he's best known as being the creator of the hit TV series "ER".

He was, for lack of a better term, a polymath. He was a medical doctor, researcher, public policy analyst, author, screenwriter, teacher, anthropologist, actor, and director. And I'm just getting by as a sports director!

Crichton was a unique voice in modern literature. I'm going to miss not seeing anymore new novels.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Water... genius!

So I did something really stupid yesterday.

I decided to work out, which wasn't the stupid thing. I did 45 minutes on the Eliptical trainer and was feeling pretty good. So I went for a swim for another 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes in the hot tub. After that, I spent 20 minutes in the sauna.

Guess what I didn't do? That's right... I forgot to drink some water. THAT was the stupid thing.

So when I stepped into the locker room after the sauna, I collapsed faster than the stock market. One minute I was standing and getting ready to shower off, the next I was kissing the locker room floor. Good thing I didn't hit my head on anything--as if I could have caused any more drain bammage!

It was an interesting sensation... my arms were tingling, I was light-headed and I felt nauseous. Not the smartest thing I've done, but it sure was a hell of a lesson in physiology!

Needless to say, I drank plenty of water after this morning's workout... and I stayed the hell away from the sauna!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Handle with care...

Sometimes, when life gets you down... you just need a good song to enjoy.


Friday, October 31, 2008

"Some things just aren't meant to be."

"Some things just aren't meant to be."

Sounds like a cliche, but it's fairly solid advice my mom gave me yesterday. Those words keep echoing in my mind as I wrap my mind around the fact that I am once again single.

It was made painfully official Wednesday night. "Ex-Siggy" says she has too much on her plate right now with a new job, family issues, and school. I tried to make the argument that it wasn't the best idea to push away the people that cared about her during this stressful time, but she had her mind made up.

"Some things just aren't meant to be."

As disappointed as I am in our relationship coming to an end, I also find myself not being "broken up" about it. Perhaps because I knew she was keeping me at arm's length. Perhaps because I've been hardened and calloused because of the Ex-"Thing" and what she put me through. Perhaps it all goes back to what my mom said...

"Some things just aren't meant to be."

In any case, I did some soul-searching. And with the exception of some deep-seeded trust issues (which seem to have served me in this case) and a really STUPID argument, I didn't do anything wrong.

But what bothers me is some friend of mine have been telling me that she's denying ever having dated me. If that's the case then perhaps it is for the best that we part ways.

In any case, I'm not going to dwell on it. As Dad told me last night, "There are other fish in the sea." And I'll go back to what Mom said.

"Some things just aren't meant to be."

So I guess I'm back on the market. A little older, a little sadder, and perhaps a little wiser.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The "R*****" Chronicles

I blanked out the R- word because it is a bit offensive to those who have real developmental problems... I guess this means The ex-"thing" is biased against mentally-challenged people! LOL

Anyway, I am FINALLY getting defrosted from last night's game. Granted, the temp dipped in the 30's, but when you have to keep your gloves off so you can take notes during the game you get a bit frosty. It was a good game, though, as Howard was able to rebound from an early deficit to win 20-8. They'll face a pretty big Tri-Valley squad next Monday... if it gets cold, perhaps I can get cursed to be set on fire again so I can stay warm this time! LOL But it was cool that I was able to fit into my leather coat and have it actually be LOOSE! No regrets about losing this weight, by cracky!

Speaking of the playoffs... how the HECK does Dell Rapids hang 70 POINTS on Sisseton?!? Granted Dells is good, but WOW! Of course, I'm an old Quarrier, and I can remember when we couldn't post 70 points in a SEASON, much less one game! I still remember my sophomore year when we had a total of TWO touchdowns... and one of them was a fumble that was picked up by our offensive guard and run in for a score. He was named our starting fullback next week!

But it should be pretty exciting and I'm looking forward to a return trip to the Dakotadome. I'm working with my friend "Bart" on the broadcasts, and asides from a couple of stumbles, we did pretty darn good! And after the Dome... VACATION!!!!

Speaking of which, I think I'm going to take a "Stay-cation" this fall. I was thinking of going to Wisconsin to see family, but considering that I pretty much disowned one of them, it would be really, really awkward to go back there. So I'm going to stay home, work out, sleep, visit family, clean and pack for my eventual move and catch up on my reading. Next spring when I'm a bit more financially stable, I might see about going to spend some time with my pal "Cliff Clavin" and his family in Tennessee.

So that's about it for now... hopefully some more good things happen this week and weekend; we'll have to wait and see.

Monday, October 27, 2008

A load of hot air!

Okay, so it was colder than a well-digger's backside yesterday, but it's a cute title.

Now that we survived the windstorm of yesterday past all I can say is YOWZA!!!

In fact, just taking a look at some of the pics around Brandon and Sioux Falls and Aberdeen, and it was a surprise no one was hurt or worse.

And the wind had a bit of an effect in my family. One of my family member's big pine trees is now at a permanent 45-degree angle. A few years ago, it had fallen over, we re-staked it and tied it down in the hopes that the roots would take hold again and keep it from doing the same thing. Took the ropes off this year and at the first gust of wind... BLAMMO!!!

Needless to say, it'll be coming down in the not to distant future... but if I get over there with a camera, I'll make sure to take a picture. Kinda looks like the old Zip Tower when it was supposed to collapse.

I don't know what makes me laugh more, the failed implosion or the guy's laugh!

We can make it better than before... better... stronger... faster!!

And cue the funky 70's theme music for the "Six Million Dollar Man!"

My friend Cory out on Lake Herman must have had this brewing. In one of his latest posts, he figures that the Republicans losing this Presidential election may just be a good thing. Without going into too much detail, he figures that who ever is going to be elected, faces about a 50-percent chance of reelection. So that might mean we'll only get four years of Obama "Change".

But a lot of what he talks about, I had posted in a previous posting (By the way, you're welcome for the idea, Cory! LOL). In the posting, I had talked about how the Republican Party had drifted away from its belief of limited government. With such things as the Patriot Act, and now the Wall Street Get Out of Jail Free Bailout that Bush and Pelosi forced down our throats, we are now facing more government interference in our lives than ever before! Add to that fact, you have the so-called "moral majority" looking to impose their will on the populace of the U.S. via the Republican party, and it's no wonder that the party is in chaos.

I think what needs to happen in order for the Republican Party to be of any validity in 2012, is to dump the big government ideas... to dump the "moral majority" leadership that has been so divisive and get back to the idea of LIMITED GOVERNMENT. Make the party a clear alternative to the big-government-loving, tax-and-spend Democrats. Renew the "Contract with America" that called for a balanced budget amendment and congressional term limits. Get back to your Libertarian Roots, for crying out loud! Ronald Reagan and William F. Buckley are probably spinning in their graves!

Until you do that, you'll just be a cheap carbon-copy of the Democrats, and not a very good one at that.

To forgive or not to forgive....

So... I'm spending the afternoon wondering about some things I've done and said in my past. Some good, some not so good.

I've often wondered whether or not to forgive someone that was a very close person in my life, especially after some pretty big hurting that she did. But of course, looking at her blog, she has taken my privileged communication with her and has now reverted to calling me a "retard." Very mature, Nicci. Bravo!

I'm sorry, pal, but I'm not the one who intentionally deceived a person they were supposedly in love with. I'm not the one who purposefully humiliated this person and his family on a very special occasion. Granted, I did some not-so-lovely things in my life and it bothers the hell out of me what I said and did... but you have no shame, no scruples and no soul.

And the fact you have your henchmen dragging our dirty laundry out into public is really mature too. But I guess I should expect nothing less coming from you.

So I apologize for what I said. You want to tell me to eff off, fine. But at least be man enough to do it face to face.

As for forgiving you... well, the jury's still out on that.

Fact is, for the first time in my life, I'm quite content with where things are going. Work is going well... I have great friends... Swee' Pea is growing like a weed (and about as talkative as her uncle!)... Oh, and my girlfriend and I are doing great, too! This is one thing that's been bothering me. I feel bad about what I said, and I guess I was looking for some kind of closure.

That's what I get for being so naive...and for being a knave!

I should just let her get her digs in, big deal. I've dealt with worse in my life and it's not like she's a major part of mine now. To be honest, I have no feeling for her at all. I don't care about her anymore; I just wanted to close the book once and for all. As for her fiancee, who is actually a pretty nice guy... I sure as heck hope you know what you're getting yourself into, my friend.

Of course, I'm still bringing it up, so I must still have some issue. But maybe some day when you're all good little boys and girls, Uncle Jackrabit will tell you all the story.

But until then, I'll have the good sense (for once) to keep my big yap shut... Some people could take a lesson or two on that! LOL

Friday, October 24, 2008

I must be getting old...

I'm constantly cold... especially after tonight's football game.

My hands feel like ice cubes... Even Siggy says I have cold hands. The ex-thing might say because I'm cold-hearted. But it could be all that "insulation" I lost over the summer.

Or I just take after my mom, who always has cold hands in the winter.

Getting old sucks.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Adios, chumps!

Well, turns out the ex- thing got engaged. Let's hope she doesn't breed. Fouad... seriously, get a pre-nup.

I'm not sure but I also think she wants to hire assassins or thugs to take care of me. So if any of you find me missing, I'll send Jimmy Hoffa and Judge James Crater your regards! LOL

Hey, what good is an ex if you can't have a little humor at their expense!

Moderating posts...

For the time being, I'm now moderating comments due to the actions of a certain person who is so cowardly, they won't put their name on my board, and have to use third parties to attack me.

Too bad.

Fortunately, these folks are insigificant little pests and they'll amuse me for the time being. Then I'll grow tired of them and we'll be back to business as usual.

Do yourselves a favor. Avoid this parisite at all costs, if you value your sense of self-worth.

Stuffed Stupid...

A word of advice... DON'T go on a diet, lose 90 pounds and think you can eat five pancakes that take up the whole plate, no matter how good they are!

I think I'll eat again SOMETIME this week!


Apparently some people won't stand up for themselves, so they have to have people come on for them and vandalize a very nice page.

Coward. Wimp. Fake.

This person is bad news, gents and ladies; avoid with extreme prejudice! Just some friendly advice from your neighborhood Jackrabit1!

So here's the posting which was vandalized earier...

I realize it's been a while since I put any personal info up on here. I shall attempt to rectify that.

The weight loss challenge is coming to a conclusion. Earlier this month I stepped on the scale and weighed in at 190 pounds, which is only about 5 pounds over what I normally weighed in high school. Right now, I've lost 90 pounds since I started this little challenge back in April. Now I'm transitioning away from the "weight loss" part of my transformation to more of a "weight maintenance". In other words, staying active, building up some muscle, and eating a little more.

It's been interesting to say the least... so many compliments but so many incorrect assumptions, too. Some wondered if I didn't have cancer (weight loss and shaving my head for the Dairy Queen can do that). Others thought I had surgery, which my health plan would never allow. Nope I did it all by myself through hard work and some self-discipline.

So thanks for the supporters... a big "ha ha!" to those who doubted me... and a big hearty laugh to the ex who wants me to die in a fire!

Speaking of relationships, yours truly has found himself in one... I'm not going to say her name or post her picture because she values her privacy. But she is a person I've know for a few years. We met about 3 years ago, shortly after experiencing "the big betrayal" by you-know-who. I don't think either of us was ready for anything and we eventually lost contact. But life being what it is, we ended up meeting again and realized we do have feelings for each other.

It's been interesting... It's nice to know that there is someone that will be there for you that isn't a blood relative (and who won't throw your family's dirty laundry back at you). I've pretty much been a loner most of my life so this has been an interesting transition... going from someone who is normally self-reliant to reaching out to someone.

Of course, there's still that nagging little part of me that's waiting for "the other shoe" to drop. I had that happen with Nicci and part of me still feels that way with "Siggy" (my on-line pseudonym for her, short for "significant other"). It's not fair to her, after all, she didn't destroy my heart like Nicci did. But at the same time, I remember how terrible I felt and I'd like to avoid that in the forseeable future.

But I enjoy my time with "Siggy" and I'm pretty happy. The family has met her and it appears that she has met with their approval, which is good. Next step is meeting the extended family at my cousin Brian's wedding in December... if the other shoe doesn't drop! LOL

Speaking of which, I had a dream about you-know-who last night. I don't know why, I hadn't thought of her recently. And it was more of an image of her and not so much her doing anything. It could be my subconscious showing some remorse. The last time I talked to her, I said some pretty nasty things, things I normally would not say to anyone.

I can understand why I said them, after all I was hurt, angry and pretty much saying that stuff in self-defense. But it was inappropriate nevertheless. And though she's pretty much put me out of her life, if for some cosmic reason she ever comes across my little semi-demented ramblings, I just want to say I'm sorry. Of course, I don't expect her forgiveness, but then she's not a forgiving person.

On to more positive things. Work is going very well. We have some new blood in the announcing staff with our new news director and I think he'll do just fine. The fact that he's covered news all around the state is another big bonus! So welcome, Al, even if you are a USD graduate! LOL

Other than that, my other two jobs are going well. Let me explain... back in July, I found myself in a bit of fiscal difficulty. In other words, I was spending more money than I was bringing in. The bank doesn't like that and they let you know about it! So I worked some things out with the bank, put myself on a pretty restrictive budget, and started doing some extra jobs. I now host karaoke in Dell Rapids about 3-4 times a month and I also do the public address for Dakota State University football (as well as some volleyball). Granted, I can't veg out like I'm doing today, but I enjoy the extra jobs and the extra money is helping me get back to where I'd like to be fiscally.

But I'll be doing some other changes. I'm looking to move at the end of the year to a smaller apartment in my building. Something that doesn't bleed me dry on utilities and is a little easier rent-wise. I like my location and I'd really hate to move further away from the Community Center. So we'll see what happens. I'll also have some loans paid off at the beginning of the year, so that'll mean some extra money for the ol budget. And of course the falling gas prices is a welcome relief in that area of my budget!

Aside from that, life is pretty much going about the way I expected it. I'm leaner, stronger, healthier, a bit wiser, and a lot more positive in my outlook on life. I don't think you can ask for more than that.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Since I've been concentrating too much on the politics, I think it's time I talk SPORTS!!! Cory, you can navigate away now! LOL

If the Vikings were god-awful, I could understand. But the problem is, every time I try to write off these guys, they show flashes of brilliance, especially when they can block a field goal and return it for a touchdown TWICE!

I think this could be a very very good team, but I seriously doubt Childress' abilities as a coach. I think if things do not take a dramatic turn for the better, Zygi should dump him and hire someone like Bill Cowher.

Since the Jacks joined the Missouri Valley Football Conference (Formerly the Gateway), it's been a season of ups and downs. The ups came early with the team's first-ever game against a major college opponent in over 40 years and nearly cracking the top-10. But now we're in the downs.

A brutal schedule has left the Yellow-and-Blue somewhat depleted, especially on the front line. Case in point, the 9 sacks that Cal Poly put on the Jacks last Saturday night. My friend Tyler Merriam from Brookings Radio says that it's not going to be an easy year for State. I'm inclined to agree. Granted, it'd be nice to be playoff-eligible in our first full year of D-I sports, but at the same time, we also have to look to the future. Our first year in the Great West wasn't easy and look what happened last year!

And perhaps when I get some more money, I'll actually invest in some season tickets. I'm sure "Siggy" would love that (she's a USD grad!)

World Series
Let's see, playoff team roll-call....

New York Mets? Choked in the last game of the regular season
New York Yankees? No-show to the playoffs
Chicago Cubs? Choked in the first round to Manny and the Dodgers after posting the best regular season record.
Chicago White Sox? Lost in the divisional series to a team that didn't exist 10 years ago. Need some more sleeping pills and vodka, Skipper?
Dodgers? Lost in the ALDS to an NL East Doormat. But what the hey, it's LA... the town of eternal summer slacking!

Let's see... who's left? Um... the Rays? the Phillies? How the hell did they get in?

Okay, all joking aside, I'm leaning toward the Rays. I have a soft spot for the Phillies, especially in day of "Krukkie" and "Nails" Dykstra and "Wild Thing". But I like that the Rays are a young, hustling squad that can hit the long ball, play the small ball and also have some solid pitching. In other words, everything the Twins should be!

So... GO RAYS!

Fantasy Football
My "Hendrickson Hardnockers" are back, baby! Okay, it's my fantasy team I have at the station, but it's a great diversion, not to mention a great source of Monday-morning smack!

So after losing to our RECEPTIONIST last week for the first loss of my season (How the HELL do all of my back and receivers suck SO BADLY??). But this last week, I blew out the competition 138-66! Holy Crap!

So here's my starting line up from last week.

QB-Ben Rothleisburger (PITTSBURGH)
RB-LenDale White (TENNESSEE)
RB-Chris Johnson (TENNESSEE)-yeah I know, two backs from the same team, but I scored a combined 62 points with these to so there!
WR-Jerrico Cotchery (NEW YORK JETS)-Favre's new favorite receiver!
WR-Santana Moss (WASHINGTON)
TE-Visanthe Shaincoe (MINNESOTA)
K-Taylor Melhaff (NEW ORLEANS)

All in all, a solid lineup, but I've got Kurt Warner waiting in the wings and he's coming off a bye week. And everyone says I was an idiot for drafting Warner!

Well, that's about it from the sports side of things... And remember... the Twins magic number for the 2009 MLB playoffs is 162!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cool news!

Some of you may know who Josh Spies is. He's a wildlife artist out of Watertown and he's also an SDSU graduate.

Well, it turns out Mr. Spies has won the Federal Duck Stamp contest, which is a pretty huge honor for any wildlife artist, considering your work will be gracing hunting licenses all across the country.

Now I'm not much on art. I like the outdoor photography of Ansel Adams, which is simply awe-inspiring even 60-70 years later, but that's really about it for me. But I did check out Josh's website and I swear you were looking at a photograph, his art is that realistic.

I would check out the work that he has posted on line, especially the one titled "The Usual Suspects". It's too bad prints aren't available of that; that would be the perfect Christmas gift for my brothers!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oops! I did it again!

I made another blog!

This one is for our chapter of Madison Kiwanis... check it out, tell me what you think!


What a novel concept!!!

So I've pretty much tuned out the Presidential Debate, because I'm not supporting either major candidate. I'm fairly convinced that both Obama and McCain are more concerned with pandering to their parties rather than doing what's good for the country, which is lowering taxes and holding the criminals on Wall Street accountable for their actions.

I watch Glenn Beck on CNN. Now before you say he's another conservative windbag, he's no Republican mouthpiece (like Limbaugh) and he doesn't take himself uber-seriously (like any of the Air America talking heads). I don't agree with some of his points, but in his latest commentary on CNN.com, he makes a valid point about what "We the People" need to do...

Giving our government more and more power every year has almost become routine. But when's the last time we've told our leaders that they're doing such a lousy job we want some of it back?

Massachusetts is now trying just that. On Election Day, their residents will vote on whether to eliminate their state income tax. If passed, each Massachusetts taxpayer would save an average of about $3,600 a year.

Of course, establishment politicians are sounding all kinds of dire warnings about what will happen to state programs without the tax, but I'd be willing to bet that they'll find a way to adapt and survive. After all, it's not called "Taxachusetts" for nothing.

Just remember our government has power only because We the People lend it to them. Maybe it's time to treat them like the subprime borrower they are and recall that loan.

Limiting governmental power... what a concept! How revolutionary! My big-government loving friend on Lake Herman would plotz!

Glenn Beck... closet Libertarian?

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


One of the salespeople at the station told me that some of the older residents of Madison have been asking if I was sick. I guess they saw my weight loss and my lack of hair and made assumptions.

I'm here to assure all of you that no, I'm not sick. I don't have cancer. I am very much healthy and feeling better than I have ever felt in my adult life.

As for the bald head... I like it.. I look 10 years younger so I'm gonna keep the look for a while. Actually, I look better now than I did when I WAS 23!

So please, spread the word...


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One helluva Obit!

When I die, I hope I have the same sense of humor as this guy!

DOUGLAS -- A celebration of life for James William "Jim" Adams, 53, will be held at a later date.

He died Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2008 at Memorial Hospital of Converse County in Douglas.

Jim, who had tired of reading obituaries noting other's courageous battles with this or that disease, wanted it known that he lost his battle. It was primarily as a result of being stubborn and not following doctor's orders or maybe for just living life a little too hard for better than five decades.

He was born June 8, 1955 in Garrison, N.D. the son of James William and Ruby Helen (Clark) Adams.

He was sadly deprived of his final wish, which was to be run over by a beer truck on the way to the liquor store to buy booze for a date. True to his personal style, he spent his final hours joking with medical personnel, cussing and begging for narcotics and bargaining with God to look over his loving dog, Biscuit, and his family.

He would like to thank all "his ladies" for putting up with him the last 30 years.

During his life, he excelled at anything he put his mind to. He loved to hear and tell jokes and spin tales of grand adventures he may or may not have had.

He is survived by five sons, Jeremiah Adams and his wife, Nicole, Mica Olivas, Wade Olivas, Brice Simpson and Cole Adams; sister, Jerri Giegerich; two ex-wives, Vickie Harrison and Marilyn Williams; four grandchildren; two nieces; and two great-nieces.

He was preceded in death by his parents and a brother-in-law.

In lieu of flowers, he asks that you make a sizeable purchase at your favorite watering hole, get rip roaring drunk and tell the stories he no longer can.

Casper Star-Tribune Online, September 15, 2008

Rest in Peace, Jim. And thanks for one final laugh.

P.S. And who says death isn't funny!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


For those of you numbed with all the wonderful business news as of late, this'll come as a nice little wake-up call.


The Housing crisis? The Business bail-outs? The general gloom and doom that seems to be hitting Wall Street? Our fault! High Taxes? Lower standards of living? Our fault, too!

Health Care Crisis? Credit Card Debt? Look in the mirror and you'll find the problem.

I'm serious! We are rocketing away from being the independent, self-reliant pioneers of our forefathers and becoming co-dependent crybabies. We've abandoned our sense of accountability for feel-good politics and talking heads promising "Change".

Want proof? Okay.

Housing Crisis... Sub-prime mortages. People borrowing more than they can afford because the rates were so low. What they forgot to do was look at the fact those interest rates were VARIABLE, meaning they change. So when rates changed upwards, people had to pay more, and they got in debt deeper and deeper til the banks started to foreclose.

Debt... Two words, credit cards. I used to work at Citi, so I know all about interest rates, penalties, and the like. When I got a credit card eariler this summer, you best believe I made DAMN SURE I read the fine print.

Some people figure it's free money and charge like the Light Brigade in the Crimean War. And with about the same results, too! The average American has $6000 of credit card debt. And you can forget making the Minimum Payments. That only pays for the interest and a miniscule part of the actual debt. So if you're making minimum payments, you're paying through quite a few orifices for years! But hey, it's free money!

Priorities... It's funny... When times are good, money is secondary to our desires and impulses. It is only when we find ourselves in financial straits that we really take a look at our finiancial priorities. Hell, it happened to me and it was a damn good wake-up call. But some others are oblivious to this fact and continue to spend, and charge, and blow their money on wants and not on needs (like health insurance, mortgage payments, retirement, etc.).

Then when the crap hits the fan, they cry poor and ask the taxpayers for a handout!

I realize there are some people with real problems, and this is not geared toward them. But when you are making millions of dollars a year and you're crying poor, perhaps you best re-think the need for 15 houses and 200 cars! It's called living on a budget, people. Try it sometime. You just might surprise yourself. I sure as hell did!

Health Care... People complain that our health care system is in the tubes. Despite the fact we are among the world's leaders in medical innovation. Granted, not every job provides health care. But if that's the case, shouldn't you include at least some major medical coverage in your budget or better yet, find a different job? Or perhaps you can get medical coverage, only to turn it down because you can't swing that and your Jet Ski payments. Hello? Priorities, anyone?

And speaking of which, one of the biggest health issues today is obesity. Now granted, I wasn't always the picture of health, but I'm getting in much better shape and nipping this thing in the bud before I develop real problems. How many times a week do you eat fast food? When's the last time you turned off the TV and took a walk around the block? We're due for a major health care crisis and it's our own making. Dumb! Dumb! Dumb!

These are but a few of the issues. I could go about more but the simple fact is there is no politician, government program, or politcal party that is going to solve all this crap. The solution lies within us and our resolve to improve our finances, our lives, our way of life.

THAT'S when we'll have REAL change in this country... change for the BETTER!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Things to do today...

Treadmill workout... check

Lift... will do tonight

Interview coaches... 2 down, 2 to go.

Convince Cory Heidelberger and Todd Epp to join the Libertarian Party... um.. ah... Bridget, hold my calls. This might take a while!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Infiltrate and Conquer!

Some political thoughts as I was doing my morning run...

With the struggles that the Libertarian Party has in getting its name out and getting funding, I'm thinking it's about time that the party members look at other tactics.

By this, I mean infiltrating and conquering the Republican Party.

In the late 1970s-early 80s, the Republican Party was hijacked by the so-called "Moral Majority", who wanted government to pretty much enforce their religious views onto laws and government. Kinda like Iran, without the terrorism.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't like prohibiting religion out of public discussion. But to force-feed it down our throats is just as asinine.

But what the Moral Majority did is split away from the idea that Government should stay out of people's lives. And they've been firmly entrenched in power for the past 20+ years.

Frankly, I think they've worn out their welcome.

The nice thing about the Libertarian Party is that it says government needs to stay out of people's lives as well as their pocketbooks. Heck, even Ronald Regan said the Republican Party was established in Libertarian roots.

But sadly the party has lost its way. The party of individual freedom and limited government has continued to grow during Dubya's reign. And it's driven a lot of people away.

I think the true Republicans would welcome a return to more Libertarian ideas. I doubt the Democrats would be so key on goverment getting out of our checkbooks.

But hey, a Libertarian can dream, can't he?

So my Libertarian brothers and sisters, lets raid the Republicans, inflitrate the party and TAKE IT OVER!!! The Dems and the "Moral" Majority don't stand a chance!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Two Mantras...

I have a couple of mantras that I use when working out... motivational phrases, I guess.

One is from a British movie that I'd like to see and as soon as I have some money, I'll rent it...

"Run, Fat Boy, Run!"

The other is one of our slogans at Three Eagles..

"No Excuses! No Complaints! Find a Way!"

Impressive enough, but imagine it in the voice of Louis Gossett, Jr. ala "An Officer and a Gentleman!"

Is it any wonder why I've lost over 80 pounds? LOL

Monday, September 08, 2008

The last time...

The last time I stepped on a scale was back in 1999.

George W. Bush was the governor of Texas.

Bill Clinton was President

And I weighed 250 pounds, according to my D.O.T. Physical

Fast forward a few years, I probably gained another 20-30 pounds and got up to about 270-280 pounds before I got sick and tired of being sick and tired and started working out.

This morning, I broke my 9-year scale-less streak and stepped on the scale.

This morning I weighed 196 pounds... 11 pounds more than I weighed in high school fifteen years ago.


I'm still in shock.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Political thoughts...

Short post today.

I consider politics and politicians like diapers... Always on your ass and full of shit!

Happy Electioneering, kiddies! Vote Libertarian!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Mail Filters

Added another person to my e-mail filter on GMail today... basically, that means I'll never receive another e-mail from them ever again. And good riddance, too!

He knows who he is, and he knows why.

He's not worthy of anymore recognition than that.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Miracle Man....

My friend De Lon Mork... if there is anyone directly responsible for Miracle Treat Day's success... it'd be him.

That, and he's a helluva barber! :D

A sense of peace...

With finalizing schedules, trying to get board ops to come to meetings, and dealing with people who want me to document every time I take a nap, I can get a little overwhelmed. Add on to that my relationship issues, money issues, and family issues, and I can be one stressed-out Jackrabbit!

But tonight... a sense of peace. Something I haven't had for a while.

Today I got all my stuff done at the station... on time I might add! Then a quick change into my workout gear (note to self... time to do a load of laundry!) and a jaunt over to the Community Center.

I was able to get some lifting in tonight... something I hadn't been able to do last week since I was overworked and under-rested. A hard walk/run on the treadmill and I was looking like I just stepped out of the rain!

Then home for a quick shower, a quick supper (Lemon Chicken Piccatta... from Weight Watchers), and a little chatting with friends and for a while, all my stress is inconsequential. Not a bad feeling, mind you.

Of course, in three months, I'll be going on a week's vacation. I'm pretty sure I'll be heading out to Wisconsin to spend time with my family. To be honest, I'm kinda looking forward to taking my new car out and getting some good mileage on her. But I need to replace the antenna cable so I can actually listen to the radio! LOL

The last time I saw my aunt and her family was when Grandpa Hendrickson passed away. That's one of my big regrets, not spending more time with Grandpa. But when you're an 8-hour drive from him, a quick jaunt over to visit wasn't very feasible. But I've been to Nasville twice, to Chicago twice; there's no good reason why I can't pack up the Malibu and hit the open road to Sturgeon Bay!

But as much as I'm looking forward to seeing my family, I'm looking forward to the drive itself. To be able to spend 8 hours with me and my thoughts... there's a certain peacefulness in that solitude. That, and listening to my Bruce Springsteen and Buck Owens CDs! LOL

In fact, I feel so peaceful now, I think I'll turn in.

Sleep well.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Today's the Day!

1:30... in front of the KJAM Studios... The locks come off!

Such a grand number, too... 12,347!

I figure if I'm going to lose my hair, it might as well be for a good cause. Helping sick kids and their families is definitely worth a couple of hundred good karma points.

But seeing as I slept in and puttered around the house this morning, I'm REALLY late for my workout! So I'll see y'all when I get back!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008



12,347 Blizzards sold in ONE DAY at the Madison Dairy Queen for Miracle Treat Day!

And in keeping with my promise to De Lon, I'll be going sans hair shortly.

Pics coming shortly!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Virus Warning...

Usually when I hear about virus warnings, I pass them off as hoaxes, or refer to Snopes.com.

But this is a bit more serious, and the fact that this message comes from CNN.com means it's a real threat.

So, if you get anything that claims to be from CNN.com, "CNN top 10" or "CNN Custom Alert," DO NOT OPEN IT!!! It contains Malware.

My good deed for the day, I guess!

What do we deserve?

Being that I've been busy with the State Amateur Baseball Tournament, working my second job, and helping Mom get settled into her new place, I haven't had the time this weekend to keep tabs on politics.

However, whilst checking messages last night, I came across this little nugget... Tim Johnson, senior U.S. Senator, has decided not to debate his Republican challenger Joel Dykstra in this year's election. Instead, it seems the esteemed politician is going to do his debating in 30-second ads instead.


First, Johnson's operatives start spying on non-candidate Steve Kirby and starts throwing about a bunch of crap about him... AND HE NEVER MADE THE DECISION TO RUN!!! Now "King Tim's" goons say that Dykstra, a legitimately-nominated major party candidate hasn't earned the right to debate Johnson. Don't believe me? Here's an exceprt from this Sunday's Argus Leader.

In light of the fact he did not post an overwhelming primary victory and has not yet raised a notable amount of money, “a lot of people in South Dakota are saying Dykstra hasn’t earned it,” [Steve] Jarding says of debates.

Johnson staffer: Senator decided not to debate; Dykstra 'hasn't earned it'.Sioux Falls Argus Leader, August 10,2008.


Tell me Steve, what about the South Dakota voters? Don't we deserve a debate between these two candidates? Don't we deserve to find out what the candidates believe in and what their philosophies are? Don't we deserve to get some answers, and not in a slickly-produced 30-second sound bite?

Makes me wonder... Does Steve also believe we don't deserve such things as a public discourse between political candidates? Is Johnson's name so sacred and holy, he's above the nasty discourse that is debate?

Hell, maybe we don't deserve to vote... just move along with "King Tim's" coronation and to Hell with the opposition!

Hey Steve, maybe we don't deserve the Constitution, either!

I'm a Libertarian, but I've thought Johnson has been a pretty decent person. He's a Democrat, yes, but I think if he were from California, he'd be considered a Republican... at least from the MoveOn.org nutjobs! This is disturbing. Granted, he's had health issues, but one of the requirements for the job is that he needs to face his opposition and stand up for his beliefs. If he doesn't, how can we be sure that he won't do the same when it comes to debating in the Senate?

His campaign staff also seems to have closed ranks... no interviews with the local media, but a national interview exclusive instead. No debates, and insulting the oppononent where no criticism is warranted. Not to mention the intimidation tactics of a non-candidate. Frankly, Johnson's staff seems less like a support staff, and more like the "Blackshirts" of the Nazi SS.

I doubt Tim Johnson reads this little blog, but some of his "thugs" might. Let me tell you this. NO ONE is above accountability in South Dakota politics. If you don't believe me, just ask George McGovern (defeated in 1980), Larry Pressler (defeated in 1996), and Tom Daschle (defeated in 2004)!

And for those of you "Political Consultants" (i.e. Political Hit Men) that might want to attack me, I'll tell you right now... the only thing on my criminal record in the past six years is a speeding ticket I got in Arlington. And a warning just a few months ago north of Dell Rapids. Good luck with my character assassination on that one, morons!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Random things...

This has been one of the more eventful weeks, to be sure!

State Amateur Baseball is underway. Tomorrow is going to be a test of endurance. Two games in Mitchell, then roar to Dells to host araoke. Yikes! I'll be sleeping good that night!

Congratulations to two of my cousins. One is a new mother, while another his girlfriend are now engaged. Perhaps I'll make it to THAT wedding! LOL

No comment from you-know-who... but then again, I blocked her address from my main e-mails too. OOPSIE! Guess I get the last word after all!

Kinda tough in the marriage department for a couple of friends of mine as they're going through or just starting divorces. It's a bummer, but when the divorce rate in the US is hovering around 50%, the averages are sure to play out sooner or later!

I'm starting to think about another vacation. Especially after the diaster that was Chicago and with you-know-who. I'm thinking of either heading out to the Black Hills for a week, or taking a tour of Door County and visiting relatives. Last time I saw Steve and Chloe was Grandpa Hendrickson's funeral 10 years ago. That's WAY too damn long! I'm making it a point to take a week off after basketball and a week off after football to give myself a chance to refresh and recharge my batteries. That way I'm not so damn cranky all the time!

Took a trip to the Sioux Empire Fair to see Little Big Town and Jake Owen. Jake was excellent, LBT was a bit off. But then one of their leads was sick so that can throw you off. But I had a good time and it was a blast hanging out with my brother Mark. I haven't had a chance to do that too much lately.

Nothing yet in terms of prospects in the dating horizon. I WOULD like to get married and have a family BEFORE I'm too old to remember any of it! LOL

That's about it for now. Stay Groovy!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Playlist #1

So what does a Jackrabbit listen to while he's working out? Here's one of my playlists that I listen to on my phone/mp3 player.

1. "A Girl Like You"-The Smithereens
2. "Why Can't I"-Liz Phair
3. "Perfect Situation"-Weezer
4. "Follow You Down"-Gin Blossoms
5. "Behind the Wall of Sleep"-The Smithereens
6. "Black Magic Woman"-Santana
7. "The Rising"-Bruce Springsteen
8. "The Promised Land"-Elvis Presley
9. "Hazy Shade of Winter"-The Bangles
10. "The Wicker Man"-Iron Maiden
11. "Time Won't Let Me"-The Smithereens
12. "Blues Before and After"-The Smithereens
13. "Hold On"-Santana featuring Ian Thomas
14. "Brilliant Disguise"-Bruce Springsteen
15. "Gimmie Some Lovin'"-Spencer Davis Group
16. "I Feel Love"-Blue Man Group
17. "I Want To Hold Your Hand"-The Smithereens
18. "The Devil"-Hoyt Axton
19. "Dancing in the Dark"-Bruce Springsteen
20. "I'd Wait a Million Years"-Grass Roots
21. "The Letter"-Joe Cocker
22. "London Rain"-Heather Nova
23. "Open Invitation"-Santana
24. "Mary's Place"-Bruce Springsteen
25. "Lonesome Day"-Bruce Springsteen
26. "She's Not There"-Santana
27. "Born in the USA"-Bruce Springsteen
28. "Human Touch"-Bruce Springsteen
29. "Jingo"-Santana
30. "Soul Sacrifice"-Santana
31. "Lucky Town"-Bruce Springsteen

Okay... so it's a little heavy on the Santana, Springsteen and Smithereens. But that's just one playlist, mind you!

Can't sleep....

Frustration, disgust, anger.

Is it work? Is it family? Is it me?

Is it her?

Or is it regret?

Am I still a good person?

Will I go to Hell?

Is this the best that my life is going to be?

Or is there something, someone, out there for me?

Will I ever be able to tell another woman "I Love You?"

Could I stand another heartbreak?

Will they bury the hatchet without burying it in each other's skulls?

Will we ever bury the hatchet without burying it in each other's skulls?

Can I just move on and forget this whole last week?

Do I just need a day off?

I feel like such a phony and a hypocrite.

I'm tired.

Monday, August 04, 2008

The last hurrah...

She sent an email today... probably to get her last digs in on me.

I deleted it without even opening it.

I'm so proud of myself.

Sports and Politics Don't Mix

Recently, a colleague of mine in Sioux Falls had to make an on-air apology during his sports talk show when he made the comment about America having (or is it being?) terrorsts. This came during a discussion over Becky Hammon's decision to play for Mother Russia during the Olympics.

Some in the Blogosphere would think that the announcer shouldn't have to apologize for exercising his First Amendment right. And if the program was one of the millions of politcally-based talk shows out there, I'd agree (even if he was dead wrong). BUT from a programming standpoint, he is clearly in the wrong.

Sports talk shows stir up plenty of controversy. Just listen to "Mike and Mike" or watch "Pardon the Interruption" and you'll probably want to strangle one or both hosts at one point or another during the program. Hell, Jim Rome has made a career out of tweaking die-hard fans. But what you won't see in these programs is politics.

While we will disagree vehemently about our sports teams and our athletes, we tend to normally keep the discussion civil, friendly, and funny... unless you're a Packers fan; then you're just obnoxious! But we all agree that a political discussion has no place in our little world of sports. We cringe when Congress holds Steroid hearings (don't they have anything better to do, like trying to do something about the gas prices?), and we boo lustily when politicians throw out the first pitch at a ball game. Why are we so vehement about this?


Sports, for all intents and purposes, is a diversion. It's a way for fathers and sons to find common ground when they disagree about everything else. It's an opportunity to forget about all the ugliness that is in the world and in our lives and to take in the sights, sounds, and pure joy in the action of a baseball game, a boxing match, or a basketball game. It's a great way to take three or so hours and "take a break" from reality.

When someone puts politics into the mix, it disturbs us... "harshes our mellow" as it were. It brings that ugliness back into what is (normally) a pure and beautiful thing. And frankly, we don't need it.

Politics celebrates our failures and thrives on what is bad in our lives. Sports celebrate our accomplishments and thrives on what is good and decen in our lives. Things like sportsmanship, giving maximum effort for maximum gain, and battling through what seems like a hopeless situation to come out victorious.

Let Limbaugh, Boortz, Schultz, and O'Reilly keep the politics on their shows, and keep it out of our sports!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm 33!

Buy me a beer... take me out to dinner... send me money... It's my birthday today!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bringing out the worst in me...

You know how you can be a totally cool and even-tempered person one minute, then become a complete jerk the next? It's happened to me.

Usually it's due to certain people in my life. Whether it's because they've hurt me or whatever, I become a first-rate ay-hole whenever I'm around them.

It's not pretty... It's not right... but it happens.

I'm not making any excuses for my behavior. I think it's a self-defense mechanism to keep myself from being hurt by these people again. Still, I should be the bigger man and not let them get to me. I guess you can call this my mea culpa.

In any case, I'm going to follow the advice of Bill O'Reilly and stay away from these negative people. I'm finally where I want to be emotionally and I don't need or want these vampires taking away from my good vibes.

Party on, Dudes!


Today, I celebrate my Independence Day!

I'm free from that person forever!

I'm free from feeling like an inferior... I'm free from her criticisms... I'm free from her manipulation of my emotions.

I'm free from comparing other women to her and wondering if they'll be the same way as her.

I'm free to have my opinions, to have my taste in music, literature and movies.

I'm free from ever having her make me feel like less of a person. She will never have that hold over me again for as long as I live.

I have no more feeling for her.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Garbled Communications

I must make a correction...

I had mentioned a certain person, who shall remain nameless, wanted me to die of a heart attack... this is inaccurate.

She wants me to die in a fire instead.

Lousy Motorola Cell Phone!

Well, considering I'm not a little pyro like she is, I doubt I'll be a crispy critter anytime soon... unless I forget sunblock at the games this weekend! LOL

Thursday, July 24, 2008

As I approach B-Day...

I must be getting old... it's still a week from my birthday and I'm already getting contemplative! It always seems like I'm this way, as July 31st rolls around.

As I wrap up my 32nd year on Planet Earth, I must say it's been an interesting time.

I've made some new friends, lost some old ones.

I saw my Swee Pea grow and walk and smile while I've had fallings out with almost every member of my family at one point in time or another.

I've won awards, I've hit rock-bottom.

I've been rich, and I've been flat-ass broke.

I've fallen in love, gotten my heart shattered, and tried to put the pieces back togeher (most times unsuccessfully), and I've been pining for her.

I've been fat, I've been sick, I've been injured, I've been getting better.

I've laughed, I've cried, I've been numb.

I've traveled and I've stayed home.

Yep... defnitely one for the record books.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I was napping on my recliner today when someone came came into my apartment. The guy look familiar and he started toward me.

I tried to get up to tell him to leave, but I couldn't move... it was like I was made of stone. No matter how hard I tried to move my body simply wouldn't respond.

I let out a whimper as he approached me...

And I woke up. No one was there. And I was still napping on my recliner.


Thursday, July 17, 2008



JULY 2008

What a difference two and a half months of working out and eating right makes!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Join the Party!

So what do actors Drew Carey and Clint Eastwood, Internet reporter Matt Drudge, and noted economist Milton Friedman have in common?

The answer's simple, they're all Libertarians.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to drop my independent status and come out as a Libertarian. I've decided to do this for several reasons.

1) Government has gotten too big. There are several folks in the South Dakota Blogosphere, including my good friend Cory, who feel that government is the cure-all-for everything from poverty to health care. If that's the case, why then are we paying more taxes than ever, while looking at a smaller quality of life than our parents?

The problem is with every new "program" that comes down from Washington, it costs US more money. In a lot of cases, there's redundancy and duplication that could easily be eliminated. In other cases, these programs are simply not necessary... such as "Corporate Welfare".

2) Government has gotten too inefficient.
All one has to do is look at the case of Father Gallagher to see this blatant inefficiency. Here is a man, who was approved for legal, permanent residency only to be denied later because of an "error". In other words, some fricking yahoo at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement probably lost the damn paperwork when they were on one of their 15 coffee breaks during his or her day! And chances are instead of this person being reprimanded, suspended, or even fired, they'll probably be promoted!

If KJAM, or Gehl Manufacturing, or even Citibank operated with this glaring lack of efficiency and effectiveness, chances are they'd be out of business by the end of the month if not sooner. But since this is government they can get away with it because they're rarely accountable! Which leads to...

3) There's no accountability.
Department of Education loses over 100-million dollars? No big deal. Pentagon spends $1200 on a wrench? Yawn.

How can government get away with this? Simple... they aren't accountable for or to anyone. Oh, sure, we have our say at the ballot box, but does anything ever get done? Hardly.

Of course, if you or I stopped paying our taxes to Uncle Sam, you can bet the IRS will be on us like stink on a turd pile! The government has every type of organization and agency to make sure we the people are held accountable... but who's making sure the government is held accountable on a daily basis?

And it doesn't end with government. We ourselves need to be held accountable... for ourselves. If I get fat (okay, fatter!), I have no right to sue McDonald's or Burger King for making unhealthy food. I should be blaming myself for not eating properly and not staying active. Things like the "victim mentality" have done more to ruin our country than any type of outside terrorism could ever hope to accomplish.

On top of that, if things don't go our way, by God, someone's gotta pay? Now I'm not talking about real injustice, but lawsuits over every frickin' thing. Folks like Neal Boortz have it right; we need to change our laws so that losers in a civil case have to pay the legal bills of the other party... a "Loser Pays" system (Sorry, Todd!) Or at the very least, allow the defendants to sue for legal costs should they win the case.

4) The major parties want to keep the status quo. How much so? In a recent spending bill, one of the riders attached called for taxpayer money to go towards offsetting the cost of the Republican and Democratic Conventions! $100-million worth! It's bad enough that these two parties have a stranglehold on the political spectrum, but it's asinine to allow taxpayer money to go towards keeping their snouts in the trough!

Every candidate for President likes to talk about "change." It's the hot new buzzword. And of course, for the Republicans and Democrats that means one thing... MORE GOVERNMENT. The Dems want more control over your pocketbook; The Reps want more control over your personal life. The Libertarian Party wants government to butt out of both!

I remember the Conservative Revolution of 1994, when the Republicans re-took both the House and the Senate. One of their big stands with their "Contract With America" was smaller government. There was some token moves, but it seems since then, the Republicans abandoned that principle. And THAT'S why they got their asses handed to them in 2006! That's why you see people like Bob Barr and Tom Selleck bolt the Republican Party and join up with the Libertarians.

Of course the party operatives, or as I like to call them "Thugs" and "Hit-men", want to intimidate you into voting for the Status Quo. Not through physical threats and torture like Mugabe, but through more subtle means, like the "wasted vote"

"If you don't vote for a Republican or a Democrat, you're just wasting your vote!"


To think that my voice, my vote isn't worth spit if I don't vote for Piggy #1 or Piggy #2. That I don't count, simply because I want a third or fourth option. That my rights as a voter are invalid because I won't bear the flag of big government.

Well, to Hell with the Democrats and to Hell with the Republicans. All 3 houses (Represenatives, Senate and White) need some major remodeling.

I'm a Libertarian and damn proud of it!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

A Rockin' New Phone...

Okay... I got REALLY fed up with my E-815. I was tired of having full bars and it sounding like popcorn coming over the line. So seeing as I had the opportunity to renew early with Alltel (which will become part of Verizon at the end of December, BTW), I decided to get a new phone.

After some searching on-line and with the help of my friend Kelli at Pro Cellular in Madison, I settled on the Samsung Alltel "HUE".

Looking at it at first, it looked a little too simple... but that's the beauty of it. In the few days I've had it, I've been very impressed with its versatility. Here's my unofficial review... take it for what it's worth.

The Good...

1) Options. I haven't gone through all the features yet but I have a phone, world clock, GPS, tip calculator (very handy Thursday night at the Hillside Resort), and mp3 Player. In fact I use the mp3 player quite extensively, but more on that later.

2) Durability. I haven't had to test this out yet, but from what I've read and talking to Kelli, you can pretty much slam this thing against the wall and drop it in the toilet and it'll work like a champ. And seeing as I've been burned not once but TWICE on the Motorola RAZR, this was one of the first questions I asked Kelli when I was looking at it.

3) Multimedia. Like I said, I really enjoy the mp3 player on here. With the multimedia pack (that came at extra cost), I really am able to enjoy a lot of the features on here. The mp3 player is quite stable and with the earbuds, it produces a very nice sound. I use it during my workouts and it performs beautifully. The viewscreen had extremely good resolution which I like. And with that mulitmedia pack, I can actually download pics from my phone to the computer easily.

4) Appearance. You can change the appearance of the skin of the phone, which I like. Also it's a lot slimmer and more compact than the E-815 so I can put it in my pocket and not have any "bulges" sticking out!

The Issues...

There are a few minor inconveniences. For starters, I had purchased a couple of Axcess ringtones for the E-815. I could not transfer them to my new phone, which sucks.

Also, I'd like the option of a button or buttons on the outside of the phone to change tracks on the mp3 player. The volume buttons are a big help, but I'd like to be able to change tunes too!

The Verdict...

With my rebate and plan renewal, the phone comes to about $30. For the flexibility of a RAZR with a helluva lot more durability, I think I'm going to stick with this phone for a while!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The 2-minte drill... and my political decision.

When I played high school football in Dell Rapids eons ago (okay, 15 years ago), we played Elk Point at home. Elk Point had embarassed us the year before at their field, 60-6 and it looked like we were going to go down in defeat, 14-0.

But in the final two minutes, we scored a touchdown, recovered a fumble on the kickoff and scored again to force overtime. And in Overtime, my buddy Pantusso caught a pass in the endzone to give us the win. It was stressful, it looked like all was lost, but in those final two minutes all was made right.

I feel that way right now with Father Gallagher.

Last night, I felt like it was "Game Over" in Father Gallagher's plight to stay in this country. I was ready to denounce my government and say for the first time in my life, I was ashamed of our federal goverment. I even sent Father a farewell letter, wishing him the best of luck and thanking him for all he did for my family.

But just like that football game over 15 years ago, the two-minute drill came into play once again....

Father received a call from Senator Johnson’s office informing him of positive progress with his immigration case. Father was instructed a) NOT to leave the country, b) that consideration of his case is progressing in communication with Washington DC, and c) that he should schedule an appointment to get his fingerprints and updated photos taken in Sioux Falls on July 14 (two weeks).

Orignally posted on HelpFather.com, July 1, 2008

Even if Father's case is reviewed and he's given permanent residency, he won't be allowed to return to DeSmet. But I would imagine that the Sioux Falls Diocese would keep him in South Dakota, perhaps working in Sioux Falls, or even going to another parish in the area. They'd be foolish not too!

But the damage is done and I'm afraid there are a lot of sore folks up in DeSmet. Father Gallagher gave his last mass this weekend in a service that had tears, hugs, and a standing ovation. I'm sure Father Stevens will be a good servant to the people of Kingsbury County, but I fear he has his work cut out for him. He'll have the spector of Father Gallagher to contend with, not to mention parishioners who have some ill opinions not only of the Federal Government, but also of Bishop Swain and the Diocese. Those sore feelings are warranted, but not at the expense of Father Stevens.

The heart of a community has been broken... I hope our government, who let all 20 hijackers that attacked the World Trade Center in the country.... who can't find bin Laden but can spend nearly a Trillion dollars on a poorly-run war... who are more concerned about covering their collective asses than doing what's right IN THE FIRST PLACE... is proud of itself.

For the first time in my life, I have been ashamed of my government. Because of the United States Goverment's inflexibility, arrogance and overall incompetence, a town and a beloved spiritual leader have been torn apart.

I'm happy that Father may get to stay. But I'll never forget the government's incompetence. And believe you me, I'll still remember when it comes to vote in November...

Because of this episode, I have decided to drop my "Independent" status and join a political party. NEITHER the Republicans or the Democrats are without blame in this cock-up. I will vote for neither McCain nor Obama, no matter how much lip service they play to the idea of CHANGE. Effective today, I now consider myself a LIBERTARIAN. I now realize that the government is a necessary evil and the least amount of it we have, the better off we'll be!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Breaking Down the Numbers...

As I near the end Month Number 2 on my personal fitness challenge, I've decided to crunch some numbers.

42-my pants size when I started this challenge in late April.
38/39-my pant size as of this weekend.

$20-cost for one month's membership at the Madison Community Center (the actual cost is $24, but I also get a corporate discount working at KJAM).
$16-approximate cost for a Pizza Hut Pizza, that I would order about 3 times a month.

$8-average cost I paid for one take-out meal.
$7-average cost for a day's worth of meals now.

Too Numerous To Tell-Number of rejections over the years
3-Number of Heads I turned this weekend in Dell Rapids.

500-Calories in a Big Mac
500-Calories I burn on the treadmill during one workout.

1-Number of people that wished me dead of a heart attack.
1-Number of people that asked me this weekend if I had surgery... she didn't recognize me!

All in all, the numbers are adding up!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oy Vey!

Well, the wonderful roller coaster that is my life took a couple of odd twists this morning...

Actually, the twisting started last night. I got my new car (pictures coming soon), but I'm having some issues with the radio. Mainly, I can hardly get in any stations! So I have to get a new antenna AND probably a new radio, to boot! I still have my Pioneer from a couple of years ago, so that should work (Come to think of it, I think I still have a Bruce Springsteen CD stuck in there! BONUS!)

On my way home, I got pulled over for speeding. Got a warning, and I also found out that I have a back-up light out.

And this morning, I lock myself out of my apartment when I left for work!

Like I said, more twists than a Chubby Checker song!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

The whole "Schmear!"

It's been an interesting couple of weeks... to start.

1) Work...
One of our younger announcers decided to leave our humble abode for greener pastures, which is fine. One thing about small-market stations is that personnel tend to leave for bigger markets or just to get out of the business altogether. However, I don't think we're in any hurry to replace him, we'll just make do with what we have. Funny thing, though, our boss says he doesn't want us working more, but it sure seems like it's the case!

2) Car...
I took a look at what is going to be my new car yesterday. I'm a little disappointed with the cosmetics of the car (a couple of dings and the like), but when you buy the thing for 5-thousand dollars, beggars can't be choosers. The engine works well, the fuel efficiency is very good (30 on the highway), and there's not a lot of electronic doo-dads that could get screwed up. So now comes the tough part...applying for a loan and making those payments all over again.

Of course, this means I'll be saying good-bye to my Grand AM. I'm trading it off to the guy. I find myself a bit sad about this. For the most part, it's been a really good little car.. it's taken me all over the state and a couple of times into the Twin Cities. It had its quirks, but she had a lot of pickup for a V6. But with all good things, this too must end. 164-thousand miles on a 15-year old car and replacing everything from the license plate bracket to both front axles... its now getting into what I call the "nickel and dime" phase. I'm pretty sure the car will be sold off for parts, but it'd be nice if someone took a look at it, gave it a little TLC (okay, a LOT of TLC) and kept it on the road.

3)Personal Life... Moving along okay, I guess. Got a lot of good advice from a trusted friend and family member which has really come in handy, especially when it comes to certain people that have broken my heart.

It seems there are a couple of women that are somewhat interested in me. One is a little older than me, the other a bit younger. So far it's been friendly chat with the both of them; an up-close-and-personal meeting isn't feasible at this point due to distance. And besides, after getting my heart stomped on for the umpteenth time in my life, I'm a bit "gun shy" to get back into the dating scene.

Let's see... my personal fitness challenge is going well... I'm averaging 30 miles a week, walking-wise and I had to buy a new belt. New pants are out of the question for now because 1) Money's tight and 2) I'd hate to buy a new set of clothes, only to have to replace them because they're too big. Next week, I won't be able to get in as many miles, due to the fact I'm signing on till 11 all that week and won't be able to get in my morning workout. I'm sure all the young ladies at the Community Center will be disappointed to hear that, but hey, that's show biz!

Friday, May 30, 2008


I looked at her page again... I didn't want to, but I did.


I have more important things to worry about than that user of people.

Sorry, Father Gallagher. I'll keep praying for you. I hope more and more people take up your cause. If anyone deserves to stay in this country, it's you Father.

Some people have real problems... I don't.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Righteous Outrage in Kingsbury County!

I'm not one to take up many causes... there's things I believe in, but at the same time I feel others more suited and able to the task can take up those mantles.

However, this is different. It is a situation that has me OUTRAGED!

I have had the privelege of meeting Father Cathal Gallagher on several occasions. While he hasn't said a whole lot to me, per se, I have been incredibly impressed by his gentleness, his good humor, and his willingness not only to be a spritual leader to his parishoners, but to EVERYONE, regardless of denomination or religion.

Earlier this week, I found out that this humble Man of God is being kicked out of the place he has known as home for almost 10 years. Because of a bureaucratic SNAFU, this man, who's citizenship application was approved by the United States Government TWO YEARS AGO, now faces a July 1st Deportation back to his native Ireland.

In a country where the media "talking heads" and the politcal "talking heads" dicker around with how to deal with the tens of millions of people here ILLEGALLY, it is OUTRAGEOUS that this humble man who has followed the rules now has to face this nightmare!

Fortunately, the parishoners of Kingsbury County, as well as the people of South Dakota are not taking this lying down.

For starters, two of South Dakota's Congressional Delegation is looking into this matter. While that's a good start, the good folks of De Smet, Arlington, and Iroquois are doing more.

HelpFather.com has been established to let people around the world know about this injustice going on in South Dakota. In addition to providing links for the Congressional delegation and State officials, people have been leaving their comments, stories, and prayers in support of this Lamb of God...

We love Fr. G and pray that he will be staying here in the USA where he belongs.

He is a huge part of our community and please do not take a part of our community away.

Words cannot describe the love that I feel for this wonderful man. Not only has he been an inspiration to his three parishes, but to countless communities across the region.

Fr. Gallagher made you WANT to be at church. His stories during his homily are inspiring and thoughful.

I could go on and on... but the most poignant was from my brother, Mike...

When my grandmother was layin in the hospital during her final hours, she wasnt awake and wouldnt respond to no one. But when father walked in the room, began to speak, she opened her eyes for i belive the last time. a man that can impact someone w/ that much faith as my grandmother had, imagine what hes doin to the families he sees every weekend.

I damn near choked up when I saw that! Is it any small wonder I love my family?

Go to HelpFather.com. Sign the petition. Contact your lawmakers. Pray. Let's not let this great injustice occur without one hell of a fight!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New week... new beginnings

I know, it's Tuesday. But yesterday was a holiday so the official start of the week is today. Don't like it? Tough! LOL

Workout went well today. Pushed myself on the incline portion of my workout on the treadmill... went on a 4.5% incline instead of my regular 4. That, and the faster pace in which I'm walking really gets the sweat rolling and the heartbeat racing. Of course, a very attractive young woman was running on the treadmill next to me, so that probably added to my increased heart rate as well! Only problem, the way she was running, she'd have no problem running away from this love-sick radio announcer! LOL

I decided I need a new car. Not next summer, like I had planned... Now. Considering I just spent $460 last week on repairs on my car. Wayne, my handy-dandy mechanic dude at Jack's Service, said my car was, and I quote, "A mess". He also said if I'm looking for another car, now would be a good time. So instead of buying the bike I wanted, I think my stimulus check (all $600 of it) is going towards a down payment on a car.

I saw a 1999 Chevy Malibu in Hartford that has 87000 miles on it and a 4-banger for an engine. I checked the fuel efficiency and it rates at 30 on the highway--sweet! And they want 5100 for it. So this weekend, I'm going to take a look at that, as well as some other vehicles.

Asides from that, helped Mom move to her new place in Trent yesterday. Only problem was we didn't have enough straps for the trailer so we ended up taking only half the stuff we wanted to grab. But that's okay. We put a pretty big dent in the amount of stuff, and as soon as Mike and Katy can close on their house, the happier everyone will be.

That's about it for now... I'm sweaty and I smell like a gym sock. Time to hit the showers and head for work!

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Master Manipulator... or so she seems.

I know, I know... I'm beating a dead horse here, but since I don't want to write Jesse and she doesn't want to write me (and is probably still lurking on this blog), she'll get the message sooner or later.

First of all, I started calling her by her original birth name, Jesse. The beautiful, intelligent creature I knew as Nicci does not exist. Rather a manipulative, conniving, con artist.

Funny thing, I actually got along with one of her other friends. She introduced me to "F" while in Chicago, probably hoping we'd go after each other like two bulls fighting for the same cow. But to her surprise (or was it disappointment?), "F" and I got along quite well.

Yesterday, I was cleaning out some files and decided to tell "F" what happened and that because of his friendship with her, I couldn't talk to him anymore. Imagine my surprise when he told me that she had given him the cold shoulder as well! I guess our aborted gladiatorial showdown kinda rubbed her the wrong way.

I found out that a lot of what I feel about Jesse, "F" feels the same. Such as the fact that she tends to twist around words and feelings so that she can take something that she did wrong to you and make it feel like it was YOUR fault! And now that I've had a night to sleep on it, I realized he makes a LOT of sense.

In the three years I knew Jesse, I have NEVER heard her once show any bit of genuine empathy. When we reconnected after a year and a half, she never once showed her remorse for the pain she cause me and my family. In fact, she made it all out to be MY fault and my family's fault! She never could take accountability for her actions and it was always "someone else's fault".

I think there's a psychological term for that: "Sociopath." But then, claiming to be a therapist, Jesse would have known that already.

In any case, "F" and I both came to the understanding that a woman like that was not needed in either of our lives. "F" is a helluva nice guy and he deserves better. As do I.

As for Jesse? Just a bad mistake.