Thursday, November 06, 2008

I'm Moving!

Okay... before you all get into a panic, especially Cory, let me explain....

First of all, I am NOT LEAVING Madison, nor am I leaving KJAM. Heck, I'm not even leaving my apartment building!

But I AM moving into a smaller apartment that will be opening up next month. It'll save me about 75-dollars a month in rent, and hopefully some more on the utilities.

It's all part of my grand plan to save myself some money and tighten up my finances. And no, it's not the economy; I've been doing this well before the economy hit the toilet.

So, I'll be doing some major house-cleaning and packing during my "Stay-Cation" in a couple of weeks. So to make room, I have a very nice futon that I never use for sale. The first $75 bucks takes it! E-mail me at or call me on my phone if you're interested.