Sunday, June 08, 2008

The whole "Schmear!"

It's been an interesting couple of weeks... to start.

1) Work...
One of our younger announcers decided to leave our humble abode for greener pastures, which is fine. One thing about small-market stations is that personnel tend to leave for bigger markets or just to get out of the business altogether. However, I don't think we're in any hurry to replace him, we'll just make do with what we have. Funny thing, though, our boss says he doesn't want us working more, but it sure seems like it's the case!

2) Car...
I took a look at what is going to be my new car yesterday. I'm a little disappointed with the cosmetics of the car (a couple of dings and the like), but when you buy the thing for 5-thousand dollars, beggars can't be choosers. The engine works well, the fuel efficiency is very good (30 on the highway), and there's not a lot of electronic doo-dads that could get screwed up. So now comes the tough part...applying for a loan and making those payments all over again.

Of course, this means I'll be saying good-bye to my Grand AM. I'm trading it off to the guy. I find myself a bit sad about this. For the most part, it's been a really good little car.. it's taken me all over the state and a couple of times into the Twin Cities. It had its quirks, but she had a lot of pickup for a V6. But with all good things, this too must end. 164-thousand miles on a 15-year old car and replacing everything from the license plate bracket to both front axles... its now getting into what I call the "nickel and dime" phase. I'm pretty sure the car will be sold off for parts, but it'd be nice if someone took a look at it, gave it a little TLC (okay, a LOT of TLC) and kept it on the road.

3)Personal Life... Moving along okay, I guess. Got a lot of good advice from a trusted friend and family member which has really come in handy, especially when it comes to certain people that have broken my heart.

It seems there are a couple of women that are somewhat interested in me. One is a little older than me, the other a bit younger. So far it's been friendly chat with the both of them; an up-close-and-personal meeting isn't feasible at this point due to distance. And besides, after getting my heart stomped on for the umpteenth time in my life, I'm a bit "gun shy" to get back into the dating scene.

Let's see... my personal fitness challenge is going well... I'm averaging 30 miles a week, walking-wise and I had to buy a new belt. New pants are out of the question for now because 1) Money's tight and 2) I'd hate to buy a new set of clothes, only to have to replace them because they're too big. Next week, I won't be able to get in as many miles, due to the fact I'm signing on till 11 all that week and won't be able to get in my morning workout. I'm sure all the young ladies at the Community Center will be disappointed to hear that, but hey, that's show biz!

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Todd Epp at S.D. Watch said...


Re #3. Remember what Ben Franklin said. Have an older lover. They appreciate you and it more.

I'm just sayin'.

On a more serious note, age shouldn't matter (as long as they're of legal age). As I can tell you first hand, never underestimate the love of a good woman. I've been married almost 27 years. Can't imagine not being married to Donna.

Good luck with your affairs of the heart.