Monday, November 17, 2008

Welcome, Recruit Wollman!

I guess my little sphere of influence is getting larger all the time with my Jackrabbit's Den!

My friend Matthew Wollman is a senior at Madison High School. Pretty neat young man. He does stats for both the volleyball and girls' basketball teams for MHS, so we get a chance to shoot the bull quite a bit during the bus rides to and from games. His dad joked that he meets a lot of girls this way...

So THAT'S what I was doing wrong in high school! Forget football and wrestling, I should have had a clipboard! LOL

In any case, Matt is going to United States Marine Corps Basic Training following graduation, and he will be known as Recruit and (hopefully!) Private Wollman.

Frankly, the Marine Corps is lucky to have such a good kid in their ranks.

Matt has decided to blog about his progress as a recruit in the Delayed Entry Program. So feel free to visit and offer him encouragement.

So... Matt.. Congratulations and Semper Fi! NOW POST SOMETHING! LOL