Thursday, October 16, 2008

What a novel concept!!!

So I've pretty much tuned out the Presidential Debate, because I'm not supporting either major candidate. I'm fairly convinced that both Obama and McCain are more concerned with pandering to their parties rather than doing what's good for the country, which is lowering taxes and holding the criminals on Wall Street accountable for their actions.

I watch Glenn Beck on CNN. Now before you say he's another conservative windbag, he's no Republican mouthpiece (like Limbaugh) and he doesn't take himself uber-seriously (like any of the Air America talking heads). I don't agree with some of his points, but in his latest commentary on, he makes a valid point about what "We the People" need to do...

Giving our government more and more power every year has almost become routine. But when's the last time we've told our leaders that they're doing such a lousy job we want some of it back?

Massachusetts is now trying just that. On Election Day, their residents will vote on whether to eliminate their state income tax. If passed, each Massachusetts taxpayer would save an average of about $3,600 a year.

Of course, establishment politicians are sounding all kinds of dire warnings about what will happen to state programs without the tax, but I'd be willing to bet that they'll find a way to adapt and survive. After all, it's not called "Taxachusetts" for nothing.

Just remember our government has power only because We the People lend it to them. Maybe it's time to treat them like the subprime borrower they are and recall that loan.

Limiting governmental power... what a concept! How revolutionary! My big-government loving friend on Lake Herman would plotz!

Glenn Beck... closet Libertarian?

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