Monday, October 20, 2008


Since I've been concentrating too much on the politics, I think it's time I talk SPORTS!!! Cory, you can navigate away now! LOL

If the Vikings were god-awful, I could understand. But the problem is, every time I try to write off these guys, they show flashes of brilliance, especially when they can block a field goal and return it for a touchdown TWICE!

I think this could be a very very good team, but I seriously doubt Childress' abilities as a coach. I think if things do not take a dramatic turn for the better, Zygi should dump him and hire someone like Bill Cowher.

Since the Jacks joined the Missouri Valley Football Conference (Formerly the Gateway), it's been a season of ups and downs. The ups came early with the team's first-ever game against a major college opponent in over 40 years and nearly cracking the top-10. But now we're in the downs.

A brutal schedule has left the Yellow-and-Blue somewhat depleted, especially on the front line. Case in point, the 9 sacks that Cal Poly put on the Jacks last Saturday night. My friend Tyler Merriam from Brookings Radio says that it's not going to be an easy year for State. I'm inclined to agree. Granted, it'd be nice to be playoff-eligible in our first full year of D-I sports, but at the same time, we also have to look to the future. Our first year in the Great West wasn't easy and look what happened last year!

And perhaps when I get some more money, I'll actually invest in some season tickets. I'm sure "Siggy" would love that (she's a USD grad!)

World Series
Let's see, playoff team roll-call....

New York Mets? Choked in the last game of the regular season
New York Yankees? No-show to the playoffs
Chicago Cubs? Choked in the first round to Manny and the Dodgers after posting the best regular season record.
Chicago White Sox? Lost in the divisional series to a team that didn't exist 10 years ago. Need some more sleeping pills and vodka, Skipper?
Dodgers? Lost in the ALDS to an NL East Doormat. But what the hey, it's LA... the town of eternal summer slacking!

Let's see... who's left? Um... the Rays? the Phillies? How the hell did they get in?

Okay, all joking aside, I'm leaning toward the Rays. I have a soft spot for the Phillies, especially in day of "Krukkie" and "Nails" Dykstra and "Wild Thing". But I like that the Rays are a young, hustling squad that can hit the long ball, play the small ball and also have some solid pitching. In other words, everything the Twins should be!

So... GO RAYS!

Fantasy Football
My "Hendrickson Hardnockers" are back, baby! Okay, it's my fantasy team I have at the station, but it's a great diversion, not to mention a great source of Monday-morning smack!

So after losing to our RECEPTIONIST last week for the first loss of my season (How the HELL do all of my back and receivers suck SO BADLY??). But this last week, I blew out the competition 138-66! Holy Crap!

So here's my starting line up from last week.

QB-Ben Rothleisburger (PITTSBURGH)
RB-LenDale White (TENNESSEE)
RB-Chris Johnson (TENNESSEE)-yeah I know, two backs from the same team, but I scored a combined 62 points with these to so there!
WR-Jerrico Cotchery (NEW YORK JETS)-Favre's new favorite receiver!
WR-Santana Moss (WASHINGTON)
TE-Visanthe Shaincoe (MINNESOTA)
K-Taylor Melhaff (NEW ORLEANS)

All in all, a solid lineup, but I've got Kurt Warner waiting in the wings and he's coming off a bye week. And everyone says I was an idiot for drafting Warner!

Well, that's about it from the sports side of things... And remember... the Twins magic number for the 2009 MLB playoffs is 162!


Darwin Wollmann said...

Are you doing High School basketball this winter?

Jackrabit1 said...


In fact, I looked at my schedule for the winter and I realized I have NO LESS than 37 basketball games on my plate this year!

As for area... still trying to flesh that one out!

Darwin Wollmann said...

Sounds great. I believe Mathew will be doing the HS girls BB stats again this year. I think he has figured out how to meet girls from all over eastriver! LOL