Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Miracle Man....

My friend De Lon Mork... if there is anyone directly responsible for Miracle Treat Day's success... it'd be him.

That, and he's a helluva barber! :D

A sense of peace...

With finalizing schedules, trying to get board ops to come to meetings, and dealing with people who want me to document every time I take a nap, I can get a little overwhelmed. Add on to that my relationship issues, money issues, and family issues, and I can be one stressed-out Jackrabbit!

But tonight... a sense of peace. Something I haven't had for a while.

Today I got all my stuff done at the station... on time I might add! Then a quick change into my workout gear (note to self... time to do a load of laundry!) and a jaunt over to the Community Center.

I was able to get some lifting in tonight... something I hadn't been able to do last week since I was overworked and under-rested. A hard walk/run on the treadmill and I was looking like I just stepped out of the rain!

Then home for a quick shower, a quick supper (Lemon Chicken Piccatta... from Weight Watchers), and a little chatting with friends and for a while, all my stress is inconsequential. Not a bad feeling, mind you.

Of course, in three months, I'll be going on a week's vacation. I'm pretty sure I'll be heading out to Wisconsin to spend time with my family. To be honest, I'm kinda looking forward to taking my new car out and getting some good mileage on her. But I need to replace the antenna cable so I can actually listen to the radio! LOL

The last time I saw my aunt and her family was when Grandpa Hendrickson passed away. That's one of my big regrets, not spending more time with Grandpa. But when you're an 8-hour drive from him, a quick jaunt over to visit wasn't very feasible. But I've been to Nasville twice, to Chicago twice; there's no good reason why I can't pack up the Malibu and hit the open road to Sturgeon Bay!

But as much as I'm looking forward to seeing my family, I'm looking forward to the drive itself. To be able to spend 8 hours with me and my thoughts... there's a certain peacefulness in that solitude. That, and listening to my Bruce Springsteen and Buck Owens CDs! LOL

In fact, I feel so peaceful now, I think I'll turn in.

Sleep well.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Today's the Day!

1:30... in front of the KJAM Studios... The locks come off!

Such a grand number, too... 12,347!

I figure if I'm going to lose my hair, it might as well be for a good cause. Helping sick kids and their families is definitely worth a couple of hundred good karma points.

But seeing as I slept in and puttered around the house this morning, I'm REALLY late for my workout! So I'll see y'all when I get back!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008



12,347 Blizzards sold in ONE DAY at the Madison Dairy Queen for Miracle Treat Day!

And in keeping with my promise to De Lon, I'll be going sans hair shortly.

Pics coming shortly!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Virus Warning...

Usually when I hear about virus warnings, I pass them off as hoaxes, or refer to Snopes.com.

But this is a bit more serious, and the fact that this message comes from CNN.com means it's a real threat.

So, if you get anything that claims to be from CNN.com, "CNN top 10" or "CNN Custom Alert," DO NOT OPEN IT!!! It contains Malware.

My good deed for the day, I guess!

What do we deserve?

Being that I've been busy with the State Amateur Baseball Tournament, working my second job, and helping Mom get settled into her new place, I haven't had the time this weekend to keep tabs on politics.

However, whilst checking messages last night, I came across this little nugget... Tim Johnson, senior U.S. Senator, has decided not to debate his Republican challenger Joel Dykstra in this year's election. Instead, it seems the esteemed politician is going to do his debating in 30-second ads instead.


First, Johnson's operatives start spying on non-candidate Steve Kirby and starts throwing about a bunch of crap about him... AND HE NEVER MADE THE DECISION TO RUN!!! Now "King Tim's" goons say that Dykstra, a legitimately-nominated major party candidate hasn't earned the right to debate Johnson. Don't believe me? Here's an exceprt from this Sunday's Argus Leader.

In light of the fact he did not post an overwhelming primary victory and has not yet raised a notable amount of money, “a lot of people in South Dakota are saying Dykstra hasn’t earned it,” [Steve] Jarding says of debates.

Johnson staffer: Senator decided not to debate; Dykstra 'hasn't earned it'.Sioux Falls Argus Leader, August 10,2008.


Tell me Steve, what about the South Dakota voters? Don't we deserve a debate between these two candidates? Don't we deserve to find out what the candidates believe in and what their philosophies are? Don't we deserve to get some answers, and not in a slickly-produced 30-second sound bite?

Makes me wonder... Does Steve also believe we don't deserve such things as a public discourse between political candidates? Is Johnson's name so sacred and holy, he's above the nasty discourse that is debate?

Hell, maybe we don't deserve to vote... just move along with "King Tim's" coronation and to Hell with the opposition!

Hey Steve, maybe we don't deserve the Constitution, either!

I'm a Libertarian, but I've thought Johnson has been a pretty decent person. He's a Democrat, yes, but I think if he were from California, he'd be considered a Republican... at least from the MoveOn.org nutjobs! This is disturbing. Granted, he's had health issues, but one of the requirements for the job is that he needs to face his opposition and stand up for his beliefs. If he doesn't, how can we be sure that he won't do the same when it comes to debating in the Senate?

His campaign staff also seems to have closed ranks... no interviews with the local media, but a national interview exclusive instead. No debates, and insulting the oppononent where no criticism is warranted. Not to mention the intimidation tactics of a non-candidate. Frankly, Johnson's staff seems less like a support staff, and more like the "Blackshirts" of the Nazi SS.

I doubt Tim Johnson reads this little blog, but some of his "thugs" might. Let me tell you this. NO ONE is above accountability in South Dakota politics. If you don't believe me, just ask George McGovern (defeated in 1980), Larry Pressler (defeated in 1996), and Tom Daschle (defeated in 2004)!

And for those of you "Political Consultants" (i.e. Political Hit Men) that might want to attack me, I'll tell you right now... the only thing on my criminal record in the past six years is a speeding ticket I got in Arlington. And a warning just a few months ago north of Dell Rapids. Good luck with my character assassination on that one, morons!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Random things...

This has been one of the more eventful weeks, to be sure!

State Amateur Baseball is underway. Tomorrow is going to be a test of endurance. Two games in Mitchell, then roar to Dells to host araoke. Yikes! I'll be sleeping good that night!

Congratulations to two of my cousins. One is a new mother, while another his girlfriend are now engaged. Perhaps I'll make it to THAT wedding! LOL

No comment from you-know-who... but then again, I blocked her address from my main e-mails too. OOPSIE! Guess I get the last word after all!

Kinda tough in the marriage department for a couple of friends of mine as they're going through or just starting divorces. It's a bummer, but when the divorce rate in the US is hovering around 50%, the averages are sure to play out sooner or later!

I'm starting to think about another vacation. Especially after the diaster that was Chicago and with you-know-who. I'm thinking of either heading out to the Black Hills for a week, or taking a tour of Door County and visiting relatives. Last time I saw Steve and Chloe was Grandpa Hendrickson's funeral 10 years ago. That's WAY too damn long! I'm making it a point to take a week off after basketball and a week off after football to give myself a chance to refresh and recharge my batteries. That way I'm not so damn cranky all the time!

Took a trip to the Sioux Empire Fair to see Little Big Town and Jake Owen. Jake was excellent, LBT was a bit off. But then one of their leads was sick so that can throw you off. But I had a good time and it was a blast hanging out with my brother Mark. I haven't had a chance to do that too much lately.

Nothing yet in terms of prospects in the dating horizon. I WOULD like to get married and have a family BEFORE I'm too old to remember any of it! LOL

That's about it for now. Stay Groovy!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Playlist #1

So what does a Jackrabbit listen to while he's working out? Here's one of my playlists that I listen to on my phone/mp3 player.

1. "A Girl Like You"-The Smithereens
2. "Why Can't I"-Liz Phair
3. "Perfect Situation"-Weezer
4. "Follow You Down"-Gin Blossoms
5. "Behind the Wall of Sleep"-The Smithereens
6. "Black Magic Woman"-Santana
7. "The Rising"-Bruce Springsteen
8. "The Promised Land"-Elvis Presley
9. "Hazy Shade of Winter"-The Bangles
10. "The Wicker Man"-Iron Maiden
11. "Time Won't Let Me"-The Smithereens
12. "Blues Before and After"-The Smithereens
13. "Hold On"-Santana featuring Ian Thomas
14. "Brilliant Disguise"-Bruce Springsteen
15. "Gimmie Some Lovin'"-Spencer Davis Group
16. "I Feel Love"-Blue Man Group
17. "I Want To Hold Your Hand"-The Smithereens
18. "The Devil"-Hoyt Axton
19. "Dancing in the Dark"-Bruce Springsteen
20. "I'd Wait a Million Years"-Grass Roots
21. "The Letter"-Joe Cocker
22. "London Rain"-Heather Nova
23. "Open Invitation"-Santana
24. "Mary's Place"-Bruce Springsteen
25. "Lonesome Day"-Bruce Springsteen
26. "She's Not There"-Santana
27. "Born in the USA"-Bruce Springsteen
28. "Human Touch"-Bruce Springsteen
29. "Jingo"-Santana
30. "Soul Sacrifice"-Santana
31. "Lucky Town"-Bruce Springsteen

Okay... so it's a little heavy on the Santana, Springsteen and Smithereens. But that's just one playlist, mind you!

Can't sleep....

Frustration, disgust, anger.

Is it work? Is it family? Is it me?

Is it her?

Or is it regret?

Am I still a good person?

Will I go to Hell?

Is this the best that my life is going to be?

Or is there something, someone, out there for me?

Will I ever be able to tell another woman "I Love You?"

Could I stand another heartbreak?

Will they bury the hatchet without burying it in each other's skulls?

Will we ever bury the hatchet without burying it in each other's skulls?

Can I just move on and forget this whole last week?

Do I just need a day off?

I feel like such a phony and a hypocrite.

I'm tired.

Monday, August 04, 2008

The last hurrah...

She sent an email today... probably to get her last digs in on me.

I deleted it without even opening it.

I'm so proud of myself.

Sports and Politics Don't Mix

Recently, a colleague of mine in Sioux Falls had to make an on-air apology during his sports talk show when he made the comment about America having (or is it being?) terrorsts. This came during a discussion over Becky Hammon's decision to play for Mother Russia during the Olympics.

Some in the Blogosphere would think that the announcer shouldn't have to apologize for exercising his First Amendment right. And if the program was one of the millions of politcally-based talk shows out there, I'd agree (even if he was dead wrong). BUT from a programming standpoint, he is clearly in the wrong.

Sports talk shows stir up plenty of controversy. Just listen to "Mike and Mike" or watch "Pardon the Interruption" and you'll probably want to strangle one or both hosts at one point or another during the program. Hell, Jim Rome has made a career out of tweaking die-hard fans. But what you won't see in these programs is politics.

While we will disagree vehemently about our sports teams and our athletes, we tend to normally keep the discussion civil, friendly, and funny... unless you're a Packers fan; then you're just obnoxious! But we all agree that a political discussion has no place in our little world of sports. We cringe when Congress holds Steroid hearings (don't they have anything better to do, like trying to do something about the gas prices?), and we boo lustily when politicians throw out the first pitch at a ball game. Why are we so vehement about this?


Sports, for all intents and purposes, is a diversion. It's a way for fathers and sons to find common ground when they disagree about everything else. It's an opportunity to forget about all the ugliness that is in the world and in our lives and to take in the sights, sounds, and pure joy in the action of a baseball game, a boxing match, or a basketball game. It's a great way to take three or so hours and "take a break" from reality.

When someone puts politics into the mix, it disturbs us... "harshes our mellow" as it were. It brings that ugliness back into what is (normally) a pure and beautiful thing. And frankly, we don't need it.

Politics celebrates our failures and thrives on what is bad in our lives. Sports celebrate our accomplishments and thrives on what is good and decen in our lives. Things like sportsmanship, giving maximum effort for maximum gain, and battling through what seems like a hopeless situation to come out victorious.

Let Limbaugh, Boortz, Schultz, and O'Reilly keep the politics on their shows, and keep it out of our sports!