Sunday, November 19, 2006

Back from the wiles!

Ah, the places I've been, and the people I've seen! Okay, so it was mainly in a 60-mile radius of Madison, sue me! LOL

It's been a little while since your intrepid Jackrabit1 left a cerebral deposit on this site! But when you're overworked, underpaid and neverlaid, you must make certian sacrifices!

Work is work... more personnel at the station, though it's been a challenge finding a news director. The call is out for us to do more, but there are some days I feel like they want to shove a vacumn cleaner up my hind end so I can clean as I walk. BTW, I'm no longer doing the music director thing, which relieves me to no end... considering I wasn't getting anything extra from it!

But we just wrapped up the football season and we're looking to start the basketball season in a few weeks, which I'm VERY excited for! Madison has a really good boys' basketball team and not only do I think they can make State, but they could also make a solid run for the title. Coach Ricke has really done a good job of pulling the program out of the doldrums and setting a really good foundation. And he's got a couple of uber-sophomores that are going to be big anchors the next three years.

SDSU's athletic future is looking bright, with the invite to join the Mid-Continent Conference and the speculated invite to the Gateway Football Conference. Speaking of football, I can't say enough about the football team... to go from such a pathetic start to fighting for a Great West Title at the end of the season is surreal. I'm excited about Jackrabbit football, it's my favorite sport to watch. Who knows, I might even buy a couple of season tickets next year! The women are looking good after pasting USC Friday night (don't let the close score fool you, they dominated the "legendary" Women of Troy). The men are very young, but they'll have a solid core of players the next few years.

And politics... hoo-baby! That deserves it's own posting... got a lot of righteous venom for both Dems and Reps! And I want to keep this posting positive!

So let's see... work, SDSU, sports... check... oh yeah, still single (you weren't really surprised to hear that, were you?)... Apartment still needs pictures hung up ( I trust myself to be level as I trust myself to fly a plane after drinking!)... Still gonna be an uncle (don't know if it's gonna be a da nice or da nephew!)... I think that's it!

Enjoy the reading!

To MySpace or not to MySpace?

Everyone is talking about hosting on MySpace. And I'll admit, I've been temped to try it out myself. The same goes with Yahoo 360, Windows Live, and whatever comes down the pike!

But then I wonder, is it really worth it? Is my life that freaking extraordinary that I need to spread it around to other parts of cyberspace?

I like Blogspot. It's fairly simple, not too difficult to maintain. Doesn't cost me a red cent, and the best thing, no one has to join a "special club" to post messages. What's so darn special about the others?

"Special Club"... sounds like a cult or a demented verision of the Mickey Mouse club!