Monday, October 27, 2008

We can make it better than before... better... stronger... faster!!

And cue the funky 70's theme music for the "Six Million Dollar Man!"

My friend Cory out on Lake Herman must have had this brewing. In one of his latest posts, he figures that the Republicans losing this Presidential election may just be a good thing. Without going into too much detail, he figures that who ever is going to be elected, faces about a 50-percent chance of reelection. So that might mean we'll only get four years of Obama "Change".

But a lot of what he talks about, I had posted in a previous posting (By the way, you're welcome for the idea, Cory! LOL). In the posting, I had talked about how the Republican Party had drifted away from its belief of limited government. With such things as the Patriot Act, and now the Wall Street Get Out of Jail Free Bailout that Bush and Pelosi forced down our throats, we are now facing more government interference in our lives than ever before! Add to that fact, you have the so-called "moral majority" looking to impose their will on the populace of the U.S. via the Republican party, and it's no wonder that the party is in chaos.

I think what needs to happen in order for the Republican Party to be of any validity in 2012, is to dump the big government ideas... to dump the "moral majority" leadership that has been so divisive and get back to the idea of LIMITED GOVERNMENT. Make the party a clear alternative to the big-government-loving, tax-and-spend Democrats. Renew the "Contract with America" that called for a balanced budget amendment and congressional term limits. Get back to your Libertarian Roots, for crying out loud! Ronald Reagan and William F. Buckley are probably spinning in their graves!

Until you do that, you'll just be a cheap carbon-copy of the Democrats, and not a very good one at that.