Sunday, August 10, 2008

What do we deserve?

Being that I've been busy with the State Amateur Baseball Tournament, working my second job, and helping Mom get settled into her new place, I haven't had the time this weekend to keep tabs on politics.

However, whilst checking messages last night, I came across this little nugget... Tim Johnson, senior U.S. Senator, has decided not to debate his Republican challenger Joel Dykstra in this year's election. Instead, it seems the esteemed politician is going to do his debating in 30-second ads instead.


First, Johnson's operatives start spying on non-candidate Steve Kirby and starts throwing about a bunch of crap about him... AND HE NEVER MADE THE DECISION TO RUN!!! Now "King Tim's" goons say that Dykstra, a legitimately-nominated major party candidate hasn't earned the right to debate Johnson. Don't believe me? Here's an exceprt from this Sunday's Argus Leader.

In light of the fact he did not post an overwhelming primary victory and has not yet raised a notable amount of money, “a lot of people in South Dakota are saying Dykstra hasn’t earned it,” [Steve] Jarding says of debates.

Johnson staffer: Senator decided not to debate; Dykstra 'hasn't earned it'.Sioux Falls Argus Leader, August 10,2008.


Tell me Steve, what about the South Dakota voters? Don't we deserve a debate between these two candidates? Don't we deserve to find out what the candidates believe in and what their philosophies are? Don't we deserve to get some answers, and not in a slickly-produced 30-second sound bite?

Makes me wonder... Does Steve also believe we don't deserve such things as a public discourse between political candidates? Is Johnson's name so sacred and holy, he's above the nasty discourse that is debate?

Hell, maybe we don't deserve to vote... just move along with "King Tim's" coronation and to Hell with the opposition!

Hey Steve, maybe we don't deserve the Constitution, either!

I'm a Libertarian, but I've thought Johnson has been a pretty decent person. He's a Democrat, yes, but I think if he were from California, he'd be considered a Republican... at least from the nutjobs! This is disturbing. Granted, he's had health issues, but one of the requirements for the job is that he needs to face his opposition and stand up for his beliefs. If he doesn't, how can we be sure that he won't do the same when it comes to debating in the Senate?

His campaign staff also seems to have closed ranks... no interviews with the local media, but a national interview exclusive instead. No debates, and insulting the oppononent where no criticism is warranted. Not to mention the intimidation tactics of a non-candidate. Frankly, Johnson's staff seems less like a support staff, and more like the "Blackshirts" of the Nazi SS.

I doubt Tim Johnson reads this little blog, but some of his "thugs" might. Let me tell you this. NO ONE is above accountability in South Dakota politics. If you don't believe me, just ask George McGovern (defeated in 1980), Larry Pressler (defeated in 1996), and Tom Daschle (defeated in 2004)!

And for those of you "Political Consultants" (i.e. Political Hit Men) that might want to attack me, I'll tell you right now... the only thing on my criminal record in the past six years is a speeding ticket I got in Arlington. And a warning just a few months ago north of Dell Rapids. Good luck with my character assassination on that one, morons!

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