Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Breaking Down the Numbers...

As I near the end Month Number 2 on my personal fitness challenge, I've decided to crunch some numbers.

42-my pants size when I started this challenge in late April.
38/39-my pant size as of this weekend.

$20-cost for one month's membership at the Madison Community Center (the actual cost is $24, but I also get a corporate discount working at KJAM).
$16-approximate cost for a Pizza Hut Pizza, that I would order about 3 times a month.

$8-average cost I paid for one take-out meal.
$7-average cost for a day's worth of meals now.

Too Numerous To Tell-Number of rejections over the years
3-Number of Heads I turned this weekend in Dell Rapids.

500-Calories in a Big Mac
500-Calories I burn on the treadmill during one workout.

1-Number of people that wished me dead of a heart attack.
1-Number of people that asked me this weekend if I had surgery... she didn't recognize me!

All in all, the numbers are adding up!


bee said...

Thumbs up for you on the fitness challenge!

Rudra said...

Good post.