Thursday, May 29, 2008

Righteous Outrage in Kingsbury County!

I'm not one to take up many causes... there's things I believe in, but at the same time I feel others more suited and able to the task can take up those mantles.

However, this is different. It is a situation that has me OUTRAGED!

I have had the privelege of meeting Father Cathal Gallagher on several occasions. While he hasn't said a whole lot to me, per se, I have been incredibly impressed by his gentleness, his good humor, and his willingness not only to be a spritual leader to his parishoners, but to EVERYONE, regardless of denomination or religion.

Earlier this week, I found out that this humble Man of God is being kicked out of the place he has known as home for almost 10 years. Because of a bureaucratic SNAFU, this man, who's citizenship application was approved by the United States Government TWO YEARS AGO, now faces a July 1st Deportation back to his native Ireland.

In a country where the media "talking heads" and the politcal "talking heads" dicker around with how to deal with the tens of millions of people here ILLEGALLY, it is OUTRAGEOUS that this humble man who has followed the rules now has to face this nightmare!

Fortunately, the parishoners of Kingsbury County, as well as the people of South Dakota are not taking this lying down.

For starters, two of South Dakota's Congressional Delegation is looking into this matter. While that's a good start, the good folks of De Smet, Arlington, and Iroquois are doing more. has been established to let people around the world know about this injustice going on in South Dakota. In addition to providing links for the Congressional delegation and State officials, people have been leaving their comments, stories, and prayers in support of this Lamb of God...

We love Fr. G and pray that he will be staying here in the USA where he belongs.

He is a huge part of our community and please do not take a part of our community away.

Words cannot describe the love that I feel for this wonderful man. Not only has he been an inspiration to his three parishes, but to countless communities across the region.

Fr. Gallagher made you WANT to be at church. His stories during his homily are inspiring and thoughful.

I could go on and on... but the most poignant was from my brother, Mike...

When my grandmother was layin in the hospital during her final hours, she wasnt awake and wouldnt respond to no one. But when father walked in the room, began to speak, she opened her eyes for i belive the last time. a man that can impact someone w/ that much faith as my grandmother had, imagine what hes doin to the families he sees every weekend.

I damn near choked up when I saw that! Is it any small wonder I love my family?

Go to Sign the petition. Contact your lawmakers. Pray. Let's not let this great injustice occur without one hell of a fight!

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nycitygal said...

This is so outrageous. I could hardly believe the article in the Irish Echo. How can we do this to someone like Father Gallagher, who did everything the right way, when so many are allowed to stay here illegally? Not only that, but they disturb the peace, mug and burglarize, damage property, and add to the country's already-bad gang problem. Oh, but someone like Father, who is a benefit and comfort to his community, is to be shipped post-haste back to Ireland? I was so angry that I got on the "helpfather" sit, went down the list of political names and emailed every one of 'em. Of course I don't know Father Gallagher personally, but just reading all the notes his parishoners wrote made me feel so sad for him and for them since it seems even if all is cleared up he will still be losing his place in those parishes. I hope he gets to stay, and is at least posted close to the same area so he can remain in South Dakota. This just makes me so MAD!!!