Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The "R*****" Chronicles

I blanked out the R- word because it is a bit offensive to those who have real developmental problems... I guess this means The ex-"thing" is biased against mentally-challenged people! LOL

Anyway, I am FINALLY getting defrosted from last night's game. Granted, the temp dipped in the 30's, but when you have to keep your gloves off so you can take notes during the game you get a bit frosty. It was a good game, though, as Howard was able to rebound from an early deficit to win 20-8. They'll face a pretty big Tri-Valley squad next Monday... if it gets cold, perhaps I can get cursed to be set on fire again so I can stay warm this time! LOL But it was cool that I was able to fit into my leather coat and have it actually be LOOSE! No regrets about losing this weight, by cracky!

Speaking of the playoffs... how the HECK does Dell Rapids hang 70 POINTS on Sisseton?!? Granted Dells is good, but WOW! Of course, I'm an old Quarrier, and I can remember when we couldn't post 70 points in a SEASON, much less one game! I still remember my sophomore year when we had a total of TWO touchdowns... and one of them was a fumble that was picked up by our offensive guard and run in for a score. He was named our starting fullback next week!

But it should be pretty exciting and I'm looking forward to a return trip to the Dakotadome. I'm working with my friend "Bart" on the broadcasts, and asides from a couple of stumbles, we did pretty darn good! And after the Dome... VACATION!!!!

Speaking of which, I think I'm going to take a "Stay-cation" this fall. I was thinking of going to Wisconsin to see family, but considering that I pretty much disowned one of them, it would be really, really awkward to go back there. So I'm going to stay home, work out, sleep, visit family, clean and pack for my eventual move and catch up on my reading. Next spring when I'm a bit more financially stable, I might see about going to spend some time with my pal "Cliff Clavin" and his family in Tennessee.

So that's about it for now... hopefully some more good things happen this week and weekend; we'll have to wait and see.