Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Apparently some people won't stand up for themselves, so they have to have people come on for them and vandalize a very nice page.

Coward. Wimp. Fake.

This person is bad news, gents and ladies; avoid with extreme prejudice! Just some friendly advice from your neighborhood Jackrabit1!

So here's the posting which was vandalized earier...

I realize it's been a while since I put any personal info up on here. I shall attempt to rectify that.

The weight loss challenge is coming to a conclusion. Earlier this month I stepped on the scale and weighed in at 190 pounds, which is only about 5 pounds over what I normally weighed in high school. Right now, I've lost 90 pounds since I started this little challenge back in April. Now I'm transitioning away from the "weight loss" part of my transformation to more of a "weight maintenance". In other words, staying active, building up some muscle, and eating a little more.

It's been interesting to say the least... so many compliments but so many incorrect assumptions, too. Some wondered if I didn't have cancer (weight loss and shaving my head for the Dairy Queen can do that). Others thought I had surgery, which my health plan would never allow. Nope I did it all by myself through hard work and some self-discipline.

So thanks for the supporters... a big "ha ha!" to those who doubted me... and a big hearty laugh to the ex who wants me to die in a fire!

Speaking of relationships, yours truly has found himself in one... I'm not going to say her name or post her picture because she values her privacy. But she is a person I've know for a few years. We met about 3 years ago, shortly after experiencing "the big betrayal" by you-know-who. I don't think either of us was ready for anything and we eventually lost contact. But life being what it is, we ended up meeting again and realized we do have feelings for each other.

It's been interesting... It's nice to know that there is someone that will be there for you that isn't a blood relative (and who won't throw your family's dirty laundry back at you). I've pretty much been a loner most of my life so this has been an interesting transition... going from someone who is normally self-reliant to reaching out to someone.

Of course, there's still that nagging little part of me that's waiting for "the other shoe" to drop. I had that happen with Nicci and part of me still feels that way with "Siggy" (my on-line pseudonym for her, short for "significant other"). It's not fair to her, after all, she didn't destroy my heart like Nicci did. But at the same time, I remember how terrible I felt and I'd like to avoid that in the forseeable future.

But I enjoy my time with "Siggy" and I'm pretty happy. The family has met her and it appears that she has met with their approval, which is good. Next step is meeting the extended family at my cousin Brian's wedding in December... if the other shoe doesn't drop! LOL

Speaking of which, I had a dream about you-know-who last night. I don't know why, I hadn't thought of her recently. And it was more of an image of her and not so much her doing anything. It could be my subconscious showing some remorse. The last time I talked to her, I said some pretty nasty things, things I normally would not say to anyone.

I can understand why I said them, after all I was hurt, angry and pretty much saying that stuff in self-defense. But it was inappropriate nevertheless. And though she's pretty much put me out of her life, if for some cosmic reason she ever comes across my little semi-demented ramblings, I just want to say I'm sorry. Of course, I don't expect her forgiveness, but then she's not a forgiving person.

On to more positive things. Work is going very well. We have some new blood in the announcing staff with our new news director and I think he'll do just fine. The fact that he's covered news all around the state is another big bonus! So welcome, Al, even if you are a USD graduate! LOL

Other than that, my other two jobs are going well. Let me explain... back in July, I found myself in a bit of fiscal difficulty. In other words, I was spending more money than I was bringing in. The bank doesn't like that and they let you know about it! So I worked some things out with the bank, put myself on a pretty restrictive budget, and started doing some extra jobs. I now host karaoke in Dell Rapids about 3-4 times a month and I also do the public address for Dakota State University football (as well as some volleyball). Granted, I can't veg out like I'm doing today, but I enjoy the extra jobs and the extra money is helping me get back to where I'd like to be fiscally.

But I'll be doing some other changes. I'm looking to move at the end of the year to a smaller apartment in my building. Something that doesn't bleed me dry on utilities and is a little easier rent-wise. I like my location and I'd really hate to move further away from the Community Center. So we'll see what happens. I'll also have some loans paid off at the beginning of the year, so that'll mean some extra money for the ol budget. And of course the falling gas prices is a welcome relief in that area of my budget!

Aside from that, life is pretty much going about the way I expected it. I'm leaner, stronger, healthier, a bit wiser, and a lot more positive in my outlook on life. I don't think you can ask for more than that.

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