Sunday, March 12, 2006

Things I have learned this week...

1) Change is always inevitable... it's up to us to adapt or be in trouble.
2) Having two friends leave in the span of a week really, really sucks.
3) Kirby Puckett was the greatest Minnesota Twin to ever live and was more of a ballplayer than Barry Bonds will ever be.
4) The Corn Palace is a really cool place for the basketball tournaments... too bad that it can't hold more seats.
5) Taurine is made from bull saliva... bull-spit!
6) Bull-spit tastes a lot like a jello shot, minus the vodka.
7) I'll be the new morning guy on AM 13-90 starting next week... I'm excited, but scared as hell!
8) I can function on 4 hours of sleep, as long as I can keep the hallucinations in check!
9) I REALLY need to move to Madison!
10) I never took much pride of being an alumnus of Dell Rapids High School, but after seeing the girls' basketball team this year, and the class that these young ladies showed during the State Tournament, I'm proud to say...

"It's Great! To Be! A Dell Rapids Quarrier!"

Quarrier Fan Matt, meet Bulldog Fan Matt, Jackrabbit Fan Matt, and Trojan Fan Matt. Hope you all play nice!

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