Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A lousy eight days...

Song of the Day: "Tonight, I wanna cry" by Keith Urban

Well, this last week has been complete shit.

Yeah, your mild mannered Sports Director said a bad word... well, this ain't the FCC, and I believe in being straightforward. Therefore, this week has been complete shit.

It was just lousy to start out... the womanthat I'm sweet on is moving to Colorado next week. And I'm afraid that I won't get the chance to tell her how I feel before she leaves. So that's been the downer all week... and then Monday rolls around.

Whoever had the bright idea to invent Mondays ought to be drawn and quartered!

First, my boss, mentor, and friend announces that he's leaving the station to take a new position with a station in Wyoming. Granted, I know that radio is all about change, but it still doesn't mean I have to like it. And the fact it's my second friend that's leaving this month is a real kick in the nuts.

Then last night, my childhood idol passed away. Kirby Puckett. Kirby. "Puck". The man who epitomized all that was good and right about baseball before this crop of chemically-enhanced crybaby underachievers. Dead. At 44. Way too young to go. A man with such joy. Even when the Twins sucked (and they did quite a few times), Puck was always out there, giving his all and playing with the enthusiasm of a child. Now we have these yahoos to look up to... effing brilliant!

It's been a lousy 8 days, that's for sure!

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