Monday, March 27, 2006

More stuff...

Well, the search for decent lodging in Madison continues! I saw one apartment that would be just about perfect. Close to the station, nice size, rent is decent... the only problem is the shag carpeting! Yeesh! But I'm going to take a second look tomorrow, perhaps we can work something out on the carpeting.

The Morning show continues... except I called the Catholic school by the wrong name. I'll get a lot of flack for that at Kiwanis! The funny thing is I'm a Catholic, so I'm sure this'll cost me a couple days in Purgatory!

Went to the Madison Fireman's Dance... my first time really hanging out in Madison... and it was a lot of fun! Makes moving to Madison seem not so bad.

The big boss is in town this week... apparently we're going to be doing some serious remodeling at the station... which is about time! If we're going to be professional, we might as well LOOK the part too! I'm excited to see what the results may bring!

I haven't seen too many new movies lately... I'd like to see "Good Night and Good Luck" because I'm a student of history. I'm pretty boring that way! But the thing is, is that as we get older, the more interesting history gets. I don't have cable, but when I do get it, I'm ususally glued to the "History Channel" Great stuff! Especially when they talk about the history of the some of the most mundane things... like indoor plumbing! I don't know... we take it for granted and the network does such a good job of presenting it in such a compelling manner it's hard not to be interested!

Well, that's it for my geeky self now! Enjoy, folks!

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