Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunday Laundry...

Okay, I did my laundry yesterday, but when you have a good title, USE IT!!

Looks like my schedule is somewhat set for next week... I'll have to sign on Wednesday and possibly Friday, in addition to doing basketball games in Mitchell and Salem. I'm almost done with the sports season, thank GOD!

A girl I really like is leaving... I'm not sure what to think. She says she's coming back, but I fear we'll grow apart. Which sucks, because I'm at the point where I have strong feelings for her. It doesn't seem fair, but she has to do what's right for her. I suppose I should tell her how I feel... Not that it'll make any difference in her decision, but I can at least get it off my chest!

So Madison lost in boys' basketball... it was a great game, but a heartbreaker of an ending. I know Chester will represent the area well and they are a bunch of great boys. But when you follow one team for the bulk of the season, you develop a bit of an attatchment, even becoming a fan... it's not exactly the most "objective", but it happens. I'll never be a "homer", by any stretch of the imagination, but I couldn't help but feel a little let-down that the Dogs didn't make it in. But they are a great bunch of boys and they'll be back next year.

Talked with Dad on Friday. He admitted something to me... he was proud to hear me on the radio! You know, I've had people come up to me and say they enjoy listening to me on the air, but to have family tell you the same thing is really special. I guess my family's pretty much been lassiez-faire about it. I mean Mom listens every once in a while, but that's about it. They're happy that I enjoy my job, but that's about it. I think it's great, in that it keeps me grounded, but the recognition is also nice as well.

I figure by the end of this month, if I keep expenses under control, I'll have enough money saved up to make the move to Madison. All together, I'm guessing it'll be around 700-1000 dollars to make the move... that's deposits, rent, furniture, necessities, etc. Of course, I'm probably OVER estimating, but I like to over-estimate so I don't get TOO surprised!

Now I'm looking at landlords... who is decent, who is crooked, who keeps up their properties and who doesn't. Do I go with a management property or do I go with an individual landlord?

Decisions... decisions... decisions... Stay tuned, folks!

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