Sunday, March 02, 2008

Post 101

Just took a look at my stats, and I realized that I now have over 100 posts. BUT, that's over the span of 2+ years, so it's rather pitiful in retrospect!

So what shall I talk about today? How about an everything and anything episode of TJD? That sounds about right!

Politics: I've pretty much decided who I'm going to vote for in the Presidential election. And for the first time in my voting life, I'm going for a major party candidate. My selection: John McCain.

Why McCain? I think he's probably the candidate that has the most personal integrity out there. He's not going to speak in broad generalizations like Obama, and he's not going to be a demagogue like Clinton. He's going to speak his mind and call a jackass a jackass if need be. Granted, I may not agree with some of his policies regarding immigration, but he is the least of the three evils in my mind!

Work: Work is humming along as well as can be. We're getting ready for the State Basketball tournaments, which start next week (We're covering Colman-Egan's girls, in case you're curious). Still need a news director, I think poor Matt is getting a little wore down by pulling double-duty on music and news. I did the same darn thing with music and sports a few years ago and I absolutely detested it. I couldn't begin to tell you how many times I threatened Peg I was going to quit!

Last week was a bit rough, though... I had my ass chewed so many times from so many sides, I felt like my butt was a big piece of chewing gum! Parents who think I should be nothing more than a mindless cheerleader and never be critical, bosses who say I need to do more, and announcers who feel put upon. I just about told all three parties to Eff off!

But I did get a computer for my desk so it wasn't all that bad!

Personal: My re-connected friend and I are what I like to call, "Stuck in a Holding Pattern." I feel like she was pushing for me to start up a relationship right away. Of course, I wanted to take it slow, for the first month at least, while I got to know her again and sort through some feelings.

And now that I've done that and made my decision, it turns out I now have to wait. Because she has to sort things out. HUH?!?! You mean she wasn't doing that while I was and I'm getting chided because I was taking my time? SHEESH!

But despite my feelings on this (as well as the advice of several women-friends that told me not to), I'll wait. Yeah, I know, I have no backbone, but I think she's worth it, so much so that I can swallow a little of my self-respect... for the time being! LOL My only fear is that this'll end up like the many job interviews that I've had... the more time it takes to hear back from them, the less likely there will be a positive outcome. Granted this ISN'T a job interview, but the sentiment is still there.

So that's my life in a nutshell, for this week at least. Still getting over this crud in my chest, but I just had a good night's sleep and I feel much better. So much so, I might even do some housework again today.... yeah, right!

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