Monday, March 10, 2008


From the things that piss me off department...

Usually it's things like politics and getting stood up that burn my balding head. But THIS takes the cake... or in this case, the bread!

I like Potato Bread. It's tasty, it's dense and holds up well for toast and for sandwich-making (especially with my heavy-handedness on spreading the sandwich-y goodness). I like Old Style Potato Bread. It costs a bit more than Wonder Bread, but I figure if I gotta eat it, I want it to be good (I'm such a simple creature!)

Sunday, I was in Sioux Falls with Mom, doing a little shopping and even catching a movie (By the way, "Juno" is excellent! Not a sappy romance or some schmaltz like that). Before the movie we go to a mega-store so I can do a little grocery shopping... not going to tell you the name but it rhymes with "Wall Marte!"

I go to get my ever-lovin' potato bread... and it's 3 BUCKS A LOAF!!!




So much for "Low, Low Prices." That must be reserved for the crap they import from China!

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Jackrabit1 said...

I did a little comparison shopping... the bread was a whole NINE CENTS cheaper than some other places.

Some savings!