Saturday, May 24, 2008

On Clinton...

Although I don’t have a horse in the race that is the South Dakota Democratic Primary*, I feel I should put in my 2-cents on the comments made by Hillary Clinton when she spoke to the Argus Leader editorial board yesterday.

Frankly, the comments Bobby Kennedy being assassinated are disturbing to say the least. And although people like Todd Epp might consider a “Clinton Conspiracy” ala Vince Foster, I doubt “Hill-dog” is planning anything that nefarious.

For being a 2-term senator and being involved in politics longer than yours truly has even been alive, you’d think Clinton would be able to choose her words more carefully. In this world of instant sound bites and news that was outdated 5-seconds ago, a political creature** like Clinton knows that his or her words are going to get aired, sliced-and-diced, and commented on before they even leave her mouth.

But knowing what she has said and knowing how political spin doctors keeps one from putting their foot too far in their mouth, you have to wonder if there isn’t something more nefarious than a simple slip of the mental gears. To a lot of people, Clinton is nothing more than a political opportunist, myself included. She’s a strong person, but she’s also a demogauge. I like to joke that she won’t even take a dump without taking a poll on what kind of toilet paper to use! She’s a fairly clever political mind and knows what to say and who to say it too.

But you wonder now that she’s the “second banana” in terms of polling numbers (even with Florida and Michigan Delegates), her true colors aren’t starting to show. I guess I’d be a mite pissed if I thought the Democratic nomination was going to be a matter of time and all of sudden this upstart steals all my thunder and glory. She may be a political creature***, but she is still human, no matter what Rush Limbaugh might think!

And some pundits on CNN last night even went so far to wonder if these comments won’t hurt her senatorial career, especially if she decides to run for re-election again. If that’s the case, it wouldn’t be the first time a Clinton faced political trouble for failing to control their impulses!****

*Or is that “Jackass” in the race? Anyway, I’m a registered independent, honest!
**Not saying Hillary isn’t human, but rather touching on the quote by Socrates that “(hu)man is a by nature, a political animal.” And if you think otherwise, you’re an idiot and need to read the classics!
***Refer to above comment. I can’t believe that I have to have these stupid disclaimers!
****Both Clintons seem to have problems with closure… Hillary can’t seem to close her mouth, Bill couldn’t seem to close his zipper!

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