Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New week... new beginnings

I know, it's Tuesday. But yesterday was a holiday so the official start of the week is today. Don't like it? Tough! LOL

Workout went well today. Pushed myself on the incline portion of my workout on the treadmill... went on a 4.5% incline instead of my regular 4. That, and the faster pace in which I'm walking really gets the sweat rolling and the heartbeat racing. Of course, a very attractive young woman was running on the treadmill next to me, so that probably added to my increased heart rate as well! Only problem, the way she was running, she'd have no problem running away from this love-sick radio announcer! LOL

I decided I need a new car. Not next summer, like I had planned... Now. Considering I just spent $460 last week on repairs on my car. Wayne, my handy-dandy mechanic dude at Jack's Service, said my car was, and I quote, "A mess". He also said if I'm looking for another car, now would be a good time. So instead of buying the bike I wanted, I think my stimulus check (all $600 of it) is going towards a down payment on a car.

I saw a 1999 Chevy Malibu in Hartford that has 87000 miles on it and a 4-banger for an engine. I checked the fuel efficiency and it rates at 30 on the highway--sweet! And they want 5100 for it. So this weekend, I'm going to take a look at that, as well as some other vehicles.

Asides from that, helped Mom move to her new place in Trent yesterday. Only problem was we didn't have enough straps for the trailer so we ended up taking only half the stuff we wanted to grab. But that's okay. We put a pretty big dent in the amount of stuff, and as soon as Mike and Katy can close on their house, the happier everyone will be.

That's about it for now... I'm sweaty and I smell like a gym sock. Time to hit the showers and head for work!

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