Thursday, April 03, 2008


In this twisted, crazy emotional roller-coaster that is my life, the past week or two has taken a decided upswing.

First of all, I'm all set for my trip to the "Windy City". I will be leaving on April 23rd and return on the 27th. I thought about staying longer, but five days is really quite enough. I think Ben Franklin said that "Fish and company start to smell after three days." If that's the case, I'll be a ripe piece of mackerel!

But I'll take plenty of pics... if I can find my farking camera!

Work is going well... still no news director. We almost had one before they pulled a disappearing act. So now we talk to another person hopefully less flaky. I also found out that I'm to recieve a fairly prestigious award from the Associated Press, so I'm puffing my chest about that. Of course, fate being the trickster it is, the award presentation will take place whilst I'm in Chicago. Oh well, someone from the station will accept for me and besides, I stink at golf!

Personal life is okay... it hasn't gotten any better but then it hasn't sucked, either. I'm friends again with my friend (look back on prior posts if you're clueless). Of course, she's giving me some much-deserved ribbing for my little temper tantrum. And my little "Swee Pea" is turning ONE next Friday! THAT'S gonna be COOL!

Well, that's about all for now. Enjoy your day.

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