Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So long, Conde School.

Conde School Votes To Dissolve

Barring some miracle, the Conde School District will cease to exist by 2009.

That means this years' sophomores will not graduate from their home school. Rather, they will get their diplomas from Northwestern, Doland, Groton, and Warner. A shame.

It also means that the Doland/Conde athletics cooperative will also cease to exist. Doland will no doubt go back to its old nickname of the "Wheelers". Or they may continue to honor their partner school and former rival and continue to be the "Chargers". Doland could find itself co-oping with Clark (rather doubtful, considering they are already planning a co-op with Willow Lake) or head west and set up shop with Redfield.

I was a part of the Doland/Conde Athletics Cooperative for a year, serving as the junior high football coach as well as a volunteer assistant for the varsity team. One of my fondest memories was driving back from a game in Langford (about a 2-hour drive) in a Suburban full of statisticians, student managers, and about 35 dirty shoulder pads and jerseys. Needless to say, we drove all the way back to Conde (and eventually Doland) with the windows down!

And though my time in education was brief, I sure enjoyed being a Charger. I realized how much I loved coaching and always thought how nice it'd be to do that again. Of course, with my current occupation and the fact that my Fridays are pretty booked with football games to announce, that doesn't seem very feasible.

I'm not sure what rhyme or reason I'm giving to this post. Perhaps it's just my own thoughts and reflections at 2:30 in the morning. It could be that I'm lamenting a part of my past that is fading away. Or it's my way of honoring the soon-to-be memory of a little school in the northeast part of the State that fought to the last battle.

In any case, my issues now resolved with that part of my life, I wish the folks of Conde well. And I tell the students... "Go Chargers!"

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