Monday, April 28, 2008

A little worse for wear...

Well, kids, I'm back from vacation... rested, but a little worse for wear.

I did enjoy Chicago. I loved going to the museums, and spending time with my friend Nicci. Unfortunately poor timing and injuries put the kibosh on my complete enjoyment.

Injuries... hmm... biffing it in Millennium Park and a twisted ankle that kept me holed up in bed put a damper on my trip. I mean, if I wanted to sit and watch TV, I could have stayed home and not have spent all that money.

Bad timing... my friend Nicci, whom I like more than a friend. Fact of the matter is, I'm still in love with her, even after all the crap we've been through. Fact is, I tried to propose to her. I told her I would give up every thing in my life to be with her... my job, my friends, everything. But she wouldn't let me propose. So it put me in a bit of a funk.

I can see why, though. She has a lot of stuff coming up over the next six months and the last thing she wants to worry about is being engaged or married. She also says she has feelings for me, but I think she's also putting up a shell around herself when it comes to me. I can see why... after all we've been through, I guess I'd be a little cautious too. She says she needs time... I can see that. But I told her that I've felt this way for a long time and that six months isn't going to change that anytime soon. And that after we've been friends for a while and I've worked on myself (she knows what I mean), I'm going to ask again. And if after that she says "no" (she never said "no" this time, just didn't let me ask), well, I guess I gave it the ol' college try.

It wasn't a complete disaster, though. I did get to spend time with her, which is worth the plane ticket itself. I also got to have dinner with Dan and Jenn, two friends of mine from college whom I haven't seen for a LONG time. Dan, Jenn, when are you two coming out to see me in South Dakota? LOL

But now I go back to work today... perhaps not totally refreshed, but hey, I get three weeks of vacation a year, and I'll take another one after football! Besides, we have a new news director starting (I hope) and I have an award to pick up!

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