Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Round is not a shape!

A few weeks ago, I got an e-mail from someone. Part of the joke says "I'm in shape. ROUND is a shape!"

Well, I've gotten a little too roly-poly for my liking, so I'm doing something about it. I've decided to get more active and try to be a bit more sensible in my food choices.

Why now, after so many years of being lackadasical? Two reasons... actually, a couple of women that are dear to me. One just turned one and I'm sure she'd like to see her uncle around for a long, long time. The other is just a bit older and she told me this weekend that it'd be nice for me to be around for a while as well. And since I'm in love with both, I'm pretty well screwed in terms of putting up any resistance--I'm a bit of a sucker that way!

So I joined the Community Center in Madison yesterday... not nearly as intimidating as I thought. I'm probably going to take some water exercise classes and do a little weight circuit training to start. And as I get more in shape, perhaps more strenuous stuff. The best part, my dues break down to the cost of a pizza a month!

But the big thing I'd really like to do is to get a bike when I get my rebate check from ol' Dubya. With gas expected near 4-bucks a gallon this summer, it makes sense to not drive my car as much. Granted, if I have a game to do or if I have a remote to do, I'll take the ol' buggy. But to go to and from work is an easy 20-minute workout daily. Only problem is if it's really hot out and I start sweating profusely. Perhaps my boss can look at putting in a shower at the station? LOL

I'm also going to try and watch what I eat, too. I looked at my garbage can and saw a LOT of fast food and pizza box containers. YOWZA!!! I'm never gonna eat broccoli, even if a certain person I'm in love with tried to entice me with it. But I can do a lot more home cooking and not have do deal with the added cost of take out. And if my friend from Lake Herman gets a bumper crop of carrots or corn in his garden, perhaps he'd be willing to share in the bounty?!?

Anyway, I'm a bit nervous, and excited at the same time... and it's not from the Hydroxycut I'm taking either. Wish me luck!

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