Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Don't be a dumb-ass

1)Don't be a dumb-ass.

2)If you want something done, do it yourself. Don't rely on the government to do it for you. They'll eventually screw it up and tax you for it. If you believe that government is the answer to everything wrong in the world, you're a dumb-ass. Roll up your sleeves and take care of your own damn problems.

3)Never underestimate the stupidity of dumb-asses in large groups... all you need to do is look at the Republican and Democratic Parties.

4)60% of all statistics are made up on the spot. Usually by dumb-asses

5)Most atheists are either a) rebelling against religion because they don't like being told there are such things as absolutes like Right and Wrong... or b) they are arrogant enough to believe that there is no greater being than themselves. They are dumb-asses.

6)Human beings are primal creatures. We claim to be “enlightened” and above pettiness, but when our values or thoughts are challenged enough, we end up reverting to those base emotions of jealousy and pettiness and self-loathing. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a dumb-ass.

7)I don't need scientific proof to justify my belief in a supreme being... it's called FAITH... get it? If you can't understand that and continue to mock my faith... you're a dumb-ass.

8)Other “Christians” who say the Catholic Church is “evil” and “wrong” are morons. Has it ever occurred to you where your particular Christan doctrine stemmed from? There's a reason it's called the “Catholic” church... it's derived from the Greek word katholikos, which means “universal”. So all you self-righteous Bob Jones-wannabes think on that and try not to get any nightmares tonight! Dumb-asses.

9)People who are narrow-minded ideologues (right-wing AND left-wing) tend to suffer from tunnel-vision and can't see the big picture and only pick and choose what to read and make their opinions off that (i.e. The criticism by the Left Wing blogosphere as of lately). Those who are too open-minded usually end up with their brains (or common sense) leaking out. Both are dumb-asses

10)I'm an independent Libertarian... NO ONE tells me how to think. And if you think you can tell me how to think, then you're a dumb-ass. Oh, and if you think you can change my way of thinking by calling me a dumb-ass, misogynist, racist, or an asshole, then you the world's biggest dumb-ass!


caheidelberger said...

On #5: I'm an atheist. Which category do you place me in: A, B, or an unspecified minority?

caheidelberger said...

On #9 and #5: wasn't some of that criticism (which came from left, right, and middle) based on the idea that objectification of women is wrong, regardless of the lame justifications some objectifiers might cobble together? Doesn't that suggest some adherence to moral principles and a rejection of boundless open-mindedness?

Jackrabit1 said...

It's all nice and dandy to complain about the objectification of women, but where was that outrage last week when David Letterman joked about one of the New York Yankess "knocking up" one of Sarah Palin's daughters?

Frankly, that's a HELL of a lot more offensive than some picture of some woman on a blog.

Jackrabit1 said...

And if you want to be an athiest because it is a deep-seeded personal belief, more power to ya. One of my heroes, Ayn Rand, was a confirmed athiest.

But if you're an athiest as a means of "protest" or a "temper tantrum", THAT makes you a dumb-ass.