Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On the beating of a dead horse...

Boy, just when you think this whole STUPID blog war is over with between my Harrisburg basketball co-announcer and the rest of the left-wing blogosphere, the shit hits the fan again..

Todd, having calmed down, explained his rationale behind posting his pictures of beautiful women (by the way, love the Juliana Hatfield pic, she rocked the Lemonheads!). But most importantly, I liked what he posted...

I hope you read this blog. But if it makes you go crazy or pisses you off, then don't read it. I don't hang out with people I don't like, go to places I don't like, read things I don't like, watch TV shows I don't like, read blogs I don't like, or otherwise torture myself with things I don't like unless I'm getting paid to do so. Life is too short to be that miserable by your own hands.

So, read on if you like the MBS, stop now if you don't. And expect that when you stop here, you'll sometimes be pleased and sometimes confounded. Sort of like life.

However, some on the left can't seem to accept this and continue to blast Todd and his ideas, or at the very least, the sincerity of them... apparently he's now some great "traitor" to their cause.

What a bunch of bullshit.

One of the supposed mantras of Liberalism is "Diversity". We gotta have diversity. Diversity in the schools, diversity in the workplace, diversity uber alles! Apparently that idea of "diversity" ends in diversity of thought and opinion. And THEY call the right-wing "Nazis"?!?

But what bothers the hell out of me is their apparent hypocrisy. Case in point, the whole David Letterman-Sarah Pailin controversy. Where was the Madville Times, Dakota Women, and all the other left-wing blogs to rip Letterman a new asshole? To me, joking about someone knocking up someone's daughter, political figure or not reeks of poor taste and is a HELL of a lot more offensive than posting some pictures of beautiful women and calling them "babe". But maybe the fact that Palin is a Republican means they think that ripping on her family is okay.

If this makes me an asshole in their eyes, I really don't care. They're practicing a double-standard and their lack of response over the Letterman situation reeks of it.

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