Friday, June 12, 2009

Asshole of the Day

Today's Asshole of the Day must have a case of foot-in-mouth disease. But that should be nothing new coming from David Letterman.

In case you've been incommunicado, here's what happened. A few nights ago, ol' Dave was poking fun at one of his favorite political punching bags, Sarah Palin. Nothing new there. Palin was in New York City and took one of her daughters to a Yankees game. Where, according to our pal Dave, Alex Rodriguez had sex with the daugther.

One little problem... instead of Pailin's 18-year old daughter, Bristol, at the game, it was Governor Palin's 14-year old daughther, Willow. Oops.

And to make matters worse, Letterman decides to give an "apology" that doesn't even include the phrase "I'm Sorry" anywhere in it. Just "It was not my intent." What arrogance.


Amazing... one of my friends gets ripped on for putting pictures of pretty women on-line and these "enlightened" folks don't say shit about this... which is a hell of a lot more offensive and disgusting than some pictures of "babes". Why is this? Is it because Palin is a politician? A Republican and the so-called "enemy?"

Whatever happened to leaving a politician's family alone? Hell, even Rush Limbaugh ripped on people that were throwing pot-shots on then-First Daugther Chelsea Clinton's appearance. Or does that not count towards those on the political end of the spectrum Perhaps it's the liberals getting in their pot-shots at the Republicans... ya know, there is such a thing as being a "poor winner".

If you want to throw pot-shots at Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, the GOP, the Democrats, fine. Go right ahead. But to attack and use those smarmy remarks towards members of their families... who are still private citizens and are entitled to some privace... is disgusting and makes the people who do it real assholes.

Letterman is a poor winner. He has shown poor taste and he is not contrite in the least for needlessly dragging this family's name trough the mud. Thus, he's the Jackrabbit Den's "Asshole of the Day".

From now on, I'm watching Jimmy Kimmel.

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