Friday, June 19, 2009

Tech... No Logic

Guess what? I'm taking a break today from railing against the gang teaming up on my Harrisburg Basketball co-announcer. And I promse not to use FCC-unfriendly language today, too!

For as much railing as I did aginst Twitter, I now twitter... I'm such a sell-out! By the way, here's the shameless plug...

So with this neat little thing, I've decided that I'll keep the personal stuff on there and keep this more that are on a larger scale... especially things that pi- I mean torque me off (WHEW!)

I've also done some housecleaning. A few weeks ago, I got rid of my MySpace page. Frankly, I never go there anymore... there's too many bad memories, and I like Facebook a heck of a lot better. And frankly, MySpace has become too much of a "little kids" shill site. Sorry.... never was a fan of the Jonas Brothers and I never will be. Though if they do a set with Bruce Springsteen, I might develop a little respect for them.

So here's another shameless plug... Boy*, it's a good thing I own this little piece of cyberspace... with all the shameless plugs, I'd have to charge myself advertising!

So there's the post, and no swearing either. Heidelberger would be so proud! :P

*I used the word "boy" as common means of expression or emphasis... nothing ethno- or peno-centric about it!

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caheidelberger said...

I'm no fan of self-appointed morality police or the FCC. I use my share of cuss words, and one could argue that occasionally, a well-timed curse is the most succinct and apt summary of one's feelings. But there is something to be said for neighborly discourse. ;-)