Monday, January 05, 2009


Since this is my first post of 2009 (and the first time I've gotten to a computer since my big move one floor down from my old place), I thought I'd start with some resolutions for the New Year.

1) To continue my healthy lifestyle and to work off the cookies, candy, and turkey I consumed over the holidays.

2) I will run a 5K race this year... I don't care about winning, I just want to NOT DIE!

3) I'll continue to save money in the hopes of having close to 10-thousand dollars in the bank... just a nice round number, what the heck.

4) To be more flexible in my life but also not get pushed around.

5) Laugh a little more.

6) Hear the words "Jessica" and "Nicci" without turning nauseous and throwing up.

7) Realize that not all women are heartless, soul-less she-things that either sleep around, set you up, and break your heart... or steal half your DVDs.

8) Help those that need it, criticize those that deserve it, make fun of those who are too full of themselves.

9) Stay up til 6 am a little more often, in bed no later than 1 am the rest of the time.

10) Enjoy life a little more and realize that it does not revolve around the radio station all the time.

Here's to a great 2009! May it be a helluva lot better than the old year!

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caheidelberger said...

5K on the road, 10K in the bank: good goals! Stick with 'em!