Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A meeting of the minds... two nights only!

Well, blogging buddies... this might be a first. Two bloggers from the Lake Herman Accords will team up... to broadcast a basketball game!

My blogging compatriot Todd Epp from South Dakota Watch has graciously accepted my offer to provide color commentary for the Madison-Harrisburg boys and girls basketball games this Tuesday and Thursday. So some of my friends and fans (actually one fan... thanks, Mom!) are probably wondering "What the heck are you thinking?"

When I know myself, you'll be the first to know! :P

Actually, I'm always looking for something unusual. I've actually had non-broadcasters do color before in the booth, namely coaches and the like. And the fact that Todd is a former broadcaster will make for an interesting dynamic. We both are sports nuts and we're both passionate about our towns...

And the fact that he's liberal and I'm libertarian? Here's my two word reply... Big Deal!

While we're both political folks (no matter how hard I try NOT to be), the fact is there are things greater than politics... things like... Basketball. And if I can have Senator John Thune in the broadcast booth and not discuss politics for one iota, then I can certainly have a good couple of broadcasts with a fellow blogger and have a good time doing them. Besides, the only time I get nasty about sports is when I'm watching an SDSU football game... ex-siggy can attest to that! ;)

So Cory, Detroit, Sibby, Pat, write this down... Tuesday and Thursday... 7:10 pre-game, 7:30 tip-off... 1390 AM. Copies of the games will be made available for a nominal fee! LOL

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Todd D. Epp said...


I just pray that I don't make a fool out of me (which I do on a fairly regular basis) and don't make you regret your decision.

I bet doing the game with Sen. Thune was fun. When he was a lobbyist in Pierre, we used to play pickup games a couple nights a week. He was a great player and a great teammate. You wanted to be on John's team.

Thanks again and see you tonight!

Todd Epp
SD Watch http://www.southdakotawatch.net