Friday, February 24, 2006

Yellow (black) and Blue

So South Dakota State is in its second year of being a Division One School. And it's been an interesting transition. Obviously, the series with USD is no more, but I'm sure it'll start up again when they move to D-I.

But there have been some pretty amazing things... playing some of the top teams in the nation (and holding our own against some of them!) and of course the improvements to Frost and Coughlin... it's been a pretty interesting trip, despite what some small-minded detractors might think!

And now the ugliness...This whole blow-up with the sexual assult charges on the men's basketball players. I know that no matter what happens, it leaves us with a black eye. And it feeds the flames that State got "too big for its britches" when it made the jump.

The fact is, this could have easily have happened as a Division II school and we would still be just as embarrassed. And no school is really "morally superior"; everyone has their own dirty laundry. Those who live in glass houses...

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