Saturday, February 25, 2006

L is for the way you look at me....

Okay, Cole Potter tunes aside, let's talk about... love.

Strange stuff this, this "love"... Stuff of legend, it's responsible for the most creation and destruction on the face of the earth. Al Pacino in "The Devil's Advocate" states that love is simply a biochemical reaction that can be reprodcued by eating large amounts of chocolate. For some it's spiritual, others purely physical.

I'm still trying to figure that one out!

For some people, love is an easy thing... you hear about how people meet in high school, fall in love, marry the day they graduate and never leave each other's side for the next 60 years. Others seem doomed to a life of lonliness, while some others seem like they'll "love the one they're near if they're not near the one they love".

Again, still trying to figure my part in this as well!

Why do people fall in love? Is it for some need of belonging? Financial security? Emotional stability? Or is it just a need to "get your rocks" off.

I post the question to you... why do people fall in love?

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