Friday, February 24, 2006

So now I go back to where it all started...back to Madison.

It seemed eons ago that I shuffled loose the employment coil of the radio station. Actually, it was only seven months. I decided that I wanted "a life" and to make more money.

Here’s the lesson I learned at my next job. A job where you get the dry heaves when you wake up is no life to have! But it also showed me that I have to love what I’m doing. I loved radio and I wanted to get back into it.

I never expected to be back in Madison. I applied at different stations in South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska, even Colorado and Missouri. I had one gentleman in Missouri want me to come down. But then I got the call from the president of the company...

"Come back to Madison."

So now I come back with some trepidation, but excited about my new responsibilities and challenges. To get the station back to it’s glory days when it typified everything great with radio. To be on par and even exceed the other stations, including in the "major cities."

Next up... a big move to Madison???

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