Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Money (That's All I Want!)

Well, it's official. The rebate checks are coming... as long as you fill out your taxes (if that isn't enough of a stimululs!)

Basically, it works out like this... $600 per person or $1200 per couple (sorry, no "double dipping!") and $300 per kid. So most of us will start getting checks about May (about the time I'm thinking of looking for a new car! LOL).

But who won't get the checks? People who don't make enough money (gotta make at least $3000 a year, no welfare please) and people who make too much money (75-thousand for single folk, 150-thousand for couples). But... The Crypt Blog lists an interesting group of folks who won't be getting the stimulus checks:

Off-the-books earners: Prostitutes, drug dealers and loan sharks may be big indirect recipients of stimulus funds, but they won’t get checks themselves unless they’re reporting their earnings on their 1040s (in which case the lack of rebate checks may be the least of their worries).

Hey, I don't make the news, I just report it... humorous though it may be!

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