Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Some more....

So here's some more stuff that's been floating around the ol' brain-box.

1) Fred Phelps... Okay, who is this guy? Some demented little crackpot who's rooting for our enemies because, get this, we are tolerant of homosexuals! Dude, up your dosage!

I consider myself an almost religious person. I try to follow the principles of my faith, although I don't get to church as much as my dear, departed grandma would like. But I guess the God I believe in is a God of love and who does not hate. So when I see signs like "God Hates F@gs", I really get upset. And these inbreeders even go and protest at soldiers' funerals!!!

Let me get this straight... because of your beliefs, you're going to go and preach your hateful message to families who are hurting and in pain because they lost a loved one... That is sick and sad. What a bunch of morons!

2) New Projects in South Dakota... It's funny. 15 years ago, a popular publication called us the "outback" of the United States... elitist pricks! But it seems we're in position to become a major economic player outside of just agriculture.

It looks like we're about to become a major leader in childrens' medical research, thanks to the Sanford initiative, we have the natural resources to become the "OPEC" of wind energy, a new oil refinery that'll bring oil down from our good ol' friends to the north in Canada, and now the announcement today that Western South Dakota is going to get its props with the old Homestake Mine being named the new site of the National Underground Lab and South Dakota could be a real economic player.

3) This weekend... two things about this weekend... Lemonade and CCR! I actually bought a CCR greatest hits CD this weekend (only 12-bucks at Pamida!). Since it was going to be too hot out of doors last week, I needed a little musical diversion...

The 60's had a lot of breakthrough groups and performers... the Beatles, The Who, Janis, Jimi, Clapton, Jefferson Starship, and more. And I think Creedence Clearwater Revivial gets lost in that mix. There's nothing fancy about their music... it reminds me of a group of friends jammin out on a front porch and there's a group of folks sitting around in lawn chairs or on the ground and sipping their favorite adult beverage.

But they influenced quite a few "roots rockers", Eagles, Springsteen, Mellancamp, and even Tom Petty. And they didn't use reverb, or distortion or re-mixing... just straight ahead, clean rock and roll. And I love anything that is NOT pre-produced!

Oh, and my drink of choice this week... Country Time Strawberry Lemonade! Yum! Unfortunately Jubilee was out of it when I stopped on on Sunday, so if anyone sees it on the shelves, could you drop me a line? Thanks!

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Jefferson Otwell said...

Regarding New Projects in South Dakota: I had never thought of it, but I suppose y'all might very well become OPEC of wind energy. We have a new plant under construction down here which might efficiently convert young pines and the like into ethanol. A state official said that Georgia might become the "Saudi Arabia" of biofuel.

I wonder how many other places are in line to become the Middle East as well.