Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Random Thoughts...

Some things that have been floating round the ol' Jackrabit's noggin.

1) Paris Hilton...proof that all you need to make it in this world is a sex tape, skanky clothes, skanky attitude, and a DUI! Oh, and a public more concerned with "Bread and Circuses" than with other issues. Still readin' that Bible, girlie? Or are you using it as a drink coaster!

2) Isaiah Washington...a sad example that you can do everything expected of you... make apologies left and right and figuratively castrate yourself at the altar of political correctness and it doesn't amount to a tinker's damn in their eyes. Funny... I thought the "Politically Correct" bunch was all about tolerance and acceptance; I guess that doesn't include apologies. Keep fighting the good fight, amigo! Take these hypocrites to task!

3) Video Game Addiction... I heard a report where a young man was spending an unreal time playing video games. The parents took away the game and he went ballistic, starting to trash the house. They relented and gave him back his games.

What a pair of wimps! If it was my kid pulling that crap, I would have back-handed him! In a non-closed hand fashion, of course (don't want some to think I'm advocating child abuse!) Addiction to video games? What a crock! Some made-up term some out-of-work therapist cooked up to drum up more business. To me, it's a matter of setting boundaries and the parents failing MISERABLY.

4) Congress... we rail about how Bush has such lousy numbers... turns out Congress has an approval rating of 14-PERCENT!!! Those who live in glass houses, I guess.

That's all for now... stay tuned!

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