Thursday, July 26, 2007

Baseball Galore!!!

If you're a fan of baseball, you're gonna LOVE the next few weeks!

First of all, the District 4B amateur baseball tournament starts this Friday in Salem. Basically, this consists of ALL the teams in the Corn Belt League, all 12 teams.

Because of so many teams, the SDABA decreed that seven teams out of our district will advance to the State Tournament in Sioux Falls, August 8-19. So head on over to Salem! They've done a LOT of renovations to their facility, and it's good small-town baseball.

Oh, and if you go, make sure you have your radio on 103.1 FM!


The young bucs are getting their post-season tournaments underway. In Madison, the "Reds" made it to the State 13-14 year old "Teener" tournament which starts this Friday in Flandreau. Howard and Flandreau are also in it as well, so there should be a lot of good baseball going on there. I talked with Rick "The Weapon" Weber last night, who's helping to put this together. I think the poor guy's gonna have his hands full with this tournament, PLUS managing the Flandreau Cardinals in the Districts. But "Weapon" is a gamer and he'll pull it all off and with a big ol' smile on his face!


Speaking of last night, Madison legion played some "Marathon" baseball at the Regions in Garretson. They squeaked out a win over Flandreau in an elimination game, and looked to cruise to an easy win over West Central in the championship. But I think the strain of playing 18 innings in sauna-like conditions proved to be too much for the Maroon and Gold as they lost and saw the season come to an end.

A few questions about last night....

*Why does the consolation team have to play back to back games in the same night? Especially when the heat index has been near triple-digits for the last few games... Anyone remember Korey Stringer?

*How difficult is it to find a circuit breaker to shut off the automatic sprinker system? Seriously... 20 MINUTES?!?!

*Just where in the heck did Brady Wiebe get the knack for hitting the long ball? To heck with Barry "BALCO" Bonds... this kid gets a hold of a fat one, you can measure its travelling distance in Astronomical Units!

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