Thursday, April 05, 2007



Nothing like a sudden spring cold snap to stuff up the ol' schnozzola!

It's amazing... last week it was incredibly nice... I was even able to turn off the heat in my place (which should make my bill a bit more tolerable). I thought we were finally able to slip out of Old Man Winter's icy clutches.

Boy, was I WRONG!!!

Now I'm fighting a stuffed up nose... nothing more, thank goodness. But enough to head to the store to stock up on Zicam and OJ!

OJ... kills cold germs dead! (Okay, bad joke!)

And another thing...

I was reading yesterday. It had an interesting article about how a scientist has also embraced his religious side as well. All I can say is, "Good for you!"

But then I read some of the comments, saying how he's a "quack scientist" because science and religion are supposed to be "mutually exclusive." Really giving this guy a hard time.

Well, excuuuuse me! I had no idea that "separation of church and state" has extended so that anyone who openly expresses his or her faith is labeled a crack-pot!

Which begs the question... why are Christians given such a hard time about their beliefs while Muslims, Jews, Hindu, and other faiths are give a blank ticket? Granted, there's some looney-tunes people who claim to be Christian... abortion clinic bombers, child molesters, Fred Phelps... but does that mean you condemn a whole group of people just because of the actions of a very few? Isn't that stereotyping? Isn't that supposed to be "Politically Incorrect?"

Apparently some don't see it that way... perhaps we should start a government program to relieve these poor souls of their rectal-cranial inversion!

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