Monday, January 28, 2008

A thousand miles in one week...

The great Chinese philosopher Confucious once wrote "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Funny... I didn't know they used that measurement of distance in 2000 B.C.!

In any case, this week's going to feel like a thousand-mile journey for yours truly. We're in the "meat" of the sports broadcast schedule, so the next few days will be busy.

So in addition to my regular stuff, here's what I have going on sports broadcast wise.

Tonight: Madison girls vs. Lennox, AM 1390
Tuesday: Madison girls vs. Sioux Falls Christian, AM 1390
Wednesday: no game, BUT, I get to read for READING ROCKS! 11:00 am Tina Denne's 1st Grade -Madison Elementary
Thursday: Madison boys vs. West Central, AM 1390
Friday: Madison girls at West Central, AM 1390
Saturday: Madison boys vs. Sioux Falls Christian at Dakota Schoolers Classic in Sioux Falls (AM 1390)

So I'm asking all my loyal readers (i.e. Cory, DeLon, "Pantusso")... will someone PLEASE record "NCIS" and "Boston Legal" for me on Tuesday???


Anonymous said...

I could record them for you if you want.

Jackrabit1 said...

Thanks, but if I don't start feeling better today, I might just be able to watch them at home!

Nicci said...

You also haven't emailed me back, I feel kinda sad now :(