Thursday, January 03, 2008

My Top 5

Okay, everyone is doing it... Newspapers, TV Channels, even my blogging friend at Lake Herman is doing it. The insipid Top 10 list of events in the past year/predictions.

So I'm going to buck tradition... and go with my Top 5 best things that happened to me this year!

5) Going on my first vacation in nearly 2 years.

4) Being elected president of Madison Kiwanis.

3) Watching South Dakota State University win its first conference football title in 44 years.

2) Madison making the State Boys' Basketball tournament

and of course

1) The birth of my niece, Zoey!

Now... my top 5 predictions for 2008

5) Zoey turns one year old and signs with the William Morris Agency. (What can I say, she's a cutie!)

4) All opponents from now til March forfeit their games to Madison, allowing the Bulldogs to win their first State Basketball title since 1945.

3) Adrian Peterson becomes the first ever NFL player to rush over 400 yards in a game.

2) A certain sports director in Madison, South Dakota wins the 300-million dollar Powerball lottery. He will give the Madison School District 10-million dollars to build a new gym and name it after T. Denny Sanford. His reason? "It's inevitable!"

And the Number One Prediction of 2008....

1) New News Director... Cory Heidelberger! LOL

Oh, as a bonus... the new Star Trek Movie is such a hit, that it vaults to the top of AFI's top 100 films, gets every single Oscar at the Academy Awards, and create a special one for William Shatner, to say "We forgive you" for Star Trek V! Paramount quickly renumbers all the movies in the series, effectively saying ST: V "never existed!"

Happy New Year, Everyone!

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