Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Everything old is new again...


Just found a copy of "Only Happy when it rains". Wow... Of course most people don't know or care about some of my favorite groups... stuff I listened to when I was in college and a somewhat socially-inept 20-year old. Instead of the somewhat socially-inept 31-year old I am today.

My God, I can't believe it's been 10 fucking years since I was in college! It seems like yesterday I was hanging out in the Student Union courtyard at SDSU with Kara, Ishmael, Angie, James, and Crash. They all smoked, but I never did... I hung out with them cause they were interesting people. We'd crack jokes, and just have fun. No more than that.

Of course, the courtyard is paved over, a brand-spanking new addition to the Student Union... progress... what a kick in the nuts.

Anyhoo... some of my favorite "Moldy Oldies" that I remember this week!

1) "Only Happy When It Rains"-Garbage
2) "I'll Stick Around"-Foo Fighters
3) "Sister"-The Nixons
4) "Everything Zen"-Bush
5) "(21st Century) Digital Boy"-Bad Religion... read the lyrics to that and tell me that isn't fucking prophetic!
6) "All I Want"-The Offspring
7) "Big Bang Baby"-Stone Temple Pilots... after Scott Weiland stopped trying to sound like Eddie Vedder.
8) "Queer"-Garbage... a sample lyric... "Hey boy take a look at me/let me dirty up your mind." I normally don't turn to jello, but to hear Shirley Manson moan that out.......... 'nuff said.
9) "Mrs. Robinson"-The Lemonheads... a trite before I was in college, but hey, Juliana Hatfield is a babe.

I want to find "Art School Girlfriend" by Stone Temple Pilots... didn't we ALL want an Art School Girlfriend. Hell, I still want an art school girlfriend!

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