Monday, August 21, 2006

Sorry, Dick!

Some names just don't get a break! From the website...

Censored Words list change
Today at 12:47pm

Now board members can talk freely about how good Brooke Dickmeyer was, whether or not we'll ever play Dickinson State in anything, whether or not Dick Van d**e was one of the greatest slapstick comics ever, talk about acquiring sporting goods at Dick's, muse about the writings of Philip K. Dick, groove to the surf guitar of Dick Dale, discuss the deep symbolism and metaphor in Moby Dick, or even opine about Dick Cheney's skeet-shooting scores without worry of running afoul of the board's Censored Words list.

. . .

OK, I guess Dick Van d**e is still out of bounds, according to the board software. Sorry about that, Dick.

1 comment:

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