Sunday, August 06, 2006

The "Death Penalty"

Wow... two posts in one week... you're in for a treat! LOL

Your humble blogger has now "executed" two people. Now before you start getting worried that I might be some axe-toting maniac, let me explain.

I consider myself a pretty easy-going, laid-back kind of fellow. I can tolerate a lot, up to a point. After that, I get pretty goddamn mean; kind of like tripping my "asshole" trigger. I call it, "getting my Irish up."

In any case, I've decided to "eliminate" certain people in my life. Not kill them, mind you, but to eliminate all traces of their being from my life in the hopes of regaining some of my self-respect. These are usually people that have, in one form or another, humiliated me, hurt me, used me, or made it very clear they want nothing further to do with me. Not as many as I'd expect on the last one, though! LOL. I call it the "Death Penalty"

When I "execute" someone, I take out all traces of them ever being in my life. Notes, cards, gifts, e-mails, messages, messenger contacts, etc. In Orwellian terms, they become a "non-person", and I no longer care if they live or die.

Harsh? Yes.
Cold-hearted? No more than what they were to me.
Immature? Depends on your point of view
Necessary? Yes.

Bill O'Reilly said it best in one of his books (I'm paraphrasing, so don't hold me to accuracy), "If you want to stay positive, you need to avoid negative people." God-damn right, Bill! So I WILL stay away from these people and all those who have been a negative influence on my life.

God, it's nice to finally have a pair! LOL

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Adam Lasnik said...

I think we've all done something similar ;).

I've learned, though, that it's best to have a waiting period. Sometimes I've been tempted to "off" someone that really upset me, but then they sincerely apologized the next day or I learned that I completely misinterpreted their actions. Not always, but... enough that I've become a bit more cautious.