Thursday, November 15, 2007

A conversation with a spammer...

Okay, it's not so much a conversation... but it's pretty damn funny!

By the way, I'm sdsu_jackrabbit_fan.

angeltessy1981: Hello, my name is Tessy ,im 26 years Old from New Jersey,single,never been married before, looking for the right man in my life,Hit me back if you care to chat,I am looking for someone who is not materialistic but looking for lasting love. I hope to find a man who is responsible, very honest and open, completely faithful and trustworthy,im ,currently in west africa at the moment,looking forward coming back soon

And you wouldn't want us to send a thousand dollars to Nigeria, by chance!

sdsu_jackrabbit_fan: I've seen this scam... you think people would be smart enough not to fall for it.

sdsu_jackrabbit_fan: Jeez, you're trying to rip people off, can't you be at least a LITTLE creative! This is just being plain LAZY!

But then if you're a thief... work is not in your vocabulary, is it!

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