Friday, August 10, 2007

A Couple Good Organizations

When I was younger, I would always watch the telethons that came up on the Sioux Falls stations. Jerry Lewis, UCP, CMN, all that jazz. And my dear mom always said instead of giving money, I should say a prayer.

Prayer is good, but unfortunately it's money that makes the world go round.

Now I'm at a point in my life financially where I can make a monetary contribution. But ONLY to the causes I have a vested interest in. Namely, the United Way and Children's Miracle Network.

The nice part about giving to the United Way is that my money goes to many organizations in my area. Non-political, non-advocacy groups like Little League Baseball and Softball, Lake County Search and Rescue, and Meals on Wheels. And it's only a few bucks out my paycheck, so it's not like I'm gonna miss it... but the impact it makes is long-lasting!

Children's Miracle Network has taken on a more personal note with me. Unless you're some kind of recluse, chances are you know someone or ARE someone who has had to take advantage of the services of CMN. Co-Workers, friends, friends-of-friends... these are just some of the people I know who have been helped by CMN.

The really cool part about CMN, is it's not all about research. Granted, they do give a bit to research and to help buy medical equipment. But all of the money raised STAYS LOCAL. In other words, the money you spend on donations or even on a blizzard for "Miracle Treat Day", stays in the area, and doesn't go to pay for corporate lobster dinners in New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles.

But the personal reason I do it is for a darling niece that I affectionately call "Swee' Pea." Fortunately, she is a healty, (relatively) happy baby girl and has not had any major issues. But you just never know. And while I don't like to think of the worst case scenario, I do take comfort in the fact that Zoey's parents can count on an organization like Children's Miracle Network should something happen in the future.

I'm not much for advocating causes, namely because of the guff I'd get because it's not in the correct "political spectrum". But it's a safe bet you're not going to go wrong with these organizations.

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