Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Words of Wisdom from Dear Ol' Dad!

The unthinkable happened last week.

Dad turned 60.

So all last weekend, I got to thinking how he's getting older and has more days behind him than ahead of him and mortality and my life and all that stuff. Pretty much getting myself in a tizzy about the whole dang thing. But then, God Bless Him, Dad said something that puts it all in perspective...

"Growing OLD is inevitable... Growing UP is optional!"

Here's to never growing up!


Bee said...

That's so true! I'll remember that :)

My dad's 70 this April, but he INSISTED NOT to celebrate and asked all his daughters not to go back home for the celebration but send him the gifts please. Heh! :P

Anonymous said...

My folks are also 60. It's hard to think of having parents with clay feet and realize that one day you'll wake up and they'll no longer be there. Something good will happen to you and you'll reach for the phone, only to realize that you can't call them. Life is Death and Death is Life. Just make sure you tell'em you love'em as often as you can. :)