Saturday, March 10, 2007

Spring is life...

I guess it's been awhile since I've posted one of these things. Sorry to keep you waiting.

So what's been new? Well, not much really. It's been pretty hectic with sports this winter. Sometimes I'd be working 4 nights a week... and THAT'S after my regular stuff. But you know, this is the life I chose and it STILL beats the hell out of working at Citibank! But I get a "break" of sorts next weekend, as I'll be covering the State "A" Boys' Basketball tournament in Rapid City. My friend Skittle says its supposed to be in the 60's next week... groovy!

The newest addition to my family has not arrived as of yet. Of course, I'm talking about the little bundle of joy my brother and his girl are expecting. In fact, it is a girl and they have a name... Zoe Jane. I like Zoe... it's a bit unusual but still cute. At least it's a solid traditional name and not some "what the hell were you thinking name" that seems to be all the rage today. Seriously, how many different ways are there of spelling "Michaela" or "Dylan"? Just wait... someone is gonna get cute and spell one of those names with a "Z" in it! People sure are stupid! LOL

My show is doing well... amazing what getting ripped a new asshole will do to set your priorities! And if Chuck Harmer is reading this... Kiss my ass and get back to work! LOL

Seriously, though, I'm having a LOT of fun with my show. Adding some new features, one of which is a "Classic Cut" segment where I play a moldy-oldy country song. Actually, it's not too bad and I'm kinda getting into listening to some of that stuff now. Work-related hazard I guess! We also got a decent phone system in the studio (FINALLY!!!), so now I can do some call-in contests, and perhaps even do an all-request show! Amazing how creativity can flourish when given the right equipment!

Getting back to the family thing... with my brother just a few short weeks of being called "Dad" for the first time, I've started to think about my personal life. In the past, that's always taken the back-seat as my priorities were school and then work. But now that I'm in a relatively good point in my life professionally, why not get that way in my personal life. Granted my dating record hasn't been the best in the world, but you never know.

I've done some serious thinking about this... would I like a family of my own? Could I be a good husband and father? Can I give up living like a slob and eating cold pizza for breakfast (if I even HAVE breakfast!) and be a responsible family man? I think about that and I say....

Sure, why not!

Watch out ladies! The Jackrabbit is on the prowl! LOL... okay, a small joke there!


Adam Lasnik said...

Congrats on the new job success... and the answer to your last questions are mostly yes :P

Ali said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Adam!